Sunday, October 26, 2008

Subtle thief

My kid cracks me up.

Today after church Superman and I went to pick her up from Sunday School. All the toddlers were sitting down eating a snack of goldfish crackers. As the parents arrived and crowded the doorway many of the kids looked up and excitedly yelled, "Daddy! Mommy!" Not our kid. Nope. She looked up and saw Superman but instead of rushing for him (or even acknowledging him!) she stayed seated and calmly reached over and ate the goldfish of the kids who were distracted. Priorities first, apparently. She knew Daddy wasn't going to leave without her but she had to act fast to secure those extra goldfish! That's my sneaky girl.

Heaven help me when she does things while I'm distracted...


  1. My daughter is usually having so much fun she tries to ignore us so she can stay.

  2. How big is she now? I haven't seen her in 6 weeks...

  3. I don't blame her, those crackers are delicious! And perfectly sized for little toddler (sticky) fingers!