Friday, October 24, 2008

Out of the mouth of (my!) baby

K came running to me, similar in manner and excitement to when she wants to swing or jump or go outside. "Mommy! Mommy? Mommy!" and then she said another word I didn't recognize. "What, baby what?" (The whole campaign to phase out calling her 'baby' so she won't feel replaced when H is born isn't going so well. "What, big girl, what?" just doesn't have the same ring. I suppose we'll have two babies - large and small.)

She kept repeating that unknown word and then reached for both of my hands and held them. Then she bowed her head and was quiet. I nearly fell out of my chair. "Do you want to pray, K?" I asked. Much nodding with her head still bowed, "Uh-HUH! Ah deew!!!" So I prayed a simple prayer, thanking God for the nice day we had and praying for Daddy's safety at work then concluded loudly, "amen!" expecting her to echo me and shout "yay!" or "all done!" or something. She looked up at me and smiled, then took her hands out of mine to sign and ask "more?" So we prayed some more. And some more. And then I had to tell her she could keep praying if she wanted but mommy needed to clean up the kitchen.

She ran off with her toys while I sat in awe as to how much a 1.5 year old can understand copy. She's already got my stern, "No  no, dogs, no!" down, complete with hand waving and loud, disapproving voice. I want her to imitate the good things in me, and hopefully one day she'll choose to do them because she wants to, not just to be like mommy. This little incident today served as a reminder to me that she never stops watching or listening, even when I'm sure she's not paying attention.

But then, she also has recently perfected the old stuff-zucchini-down-your-shirt-when-mom's-not-looking trick. And then cutely chirping "ahhhh-dum!" and trying to walk away as the zuchinni falls out of her shirt. I don't know WHO she learned that one from... I have a hunch it's genetic. =)

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  1. Aww Beck, that's really precious. PC is not quite 2.5 yet, but he too loves to pray. He often wants to do the praying himself, and just wants me to help, but it's heartwarming to hear what he comes up with on his own. May we keep these tender little ones, growing for Him!