Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Online life


(photo credit to LL)

I'm envious of the people who say with a casual wave of the hand, "oh I haven't checked my email for a few days; call me if you need to get a hold of me" or " I haven't had the time to go online." It's just another reminder of how lacking in self-control I am with respect to time spent on the great and wonderful world wide web.

I have no idea if this means that these types of people have either more or less self-control than I overall but it seems they absolutely do in this area. They have a life to live and they live it FIRST and then fit the internet in afterwards. I tend in the opposite direction. The internet is a part of my life but it shouldn't be paramount.

It's true I do use the internet for lots of worth-while and productive things: freecycle, paying bills, allrecipes, answering random toddler-related questions, etc.. I don't think all social networks or blog-reading is to be avoided, just taken in moderation.

I make rules for myself but I'm having a difficult time keeping them. Isn't it funny how we're usually the first and quickest to break our own rules?


  1. This was encouraging in some strange way...I guess because I'm working through the same thing. I don't really like to admit how fitting this was, but I think I am at least part of the reason you were led to post it. :) We have not had internet at home until this Spring, and I have been enjoying it a lot...but you're right; like anything else, there has to be a balance. Recently, my dear husband brought up his concern about how much of my down time was spent in front of the computer. Since then, I've been trying to work more on building relationships with the face-to-face people in my house and less on keeping in touch with you cyber-friends. May the LORD bless us both as we seek to please Him in ALL things!