Friday, September 19, 2008


I am in desperate need of a rocking chair. Preferably wooden, nice and solid construction (read: toddler unable to tip over or kill herself on it) with a high back. K woke up crying with a hurting tummy (as determined by the copious amounts of gas that soon followed - TMI? Sorry. Kids will do that to you.) and so I stood by the crib with her in my arms for a while, rocking and rubbing her back.

Me (realizing that several minutes of semi-resting a toddler on my protruding tummy did nothing to reduce my need to, uh, use the restroom): Are you ready to go back into your bed now?

K (gently running her hands through my hair, head on my shoulder, using small cute baby voice): no?

Me (taking advantage of a rare snuggly baby moment): Do you want to snuggle with Mommy for a little longer?

K (burrowing head deeper into my neck): uh-huh.

Me: Mommy loves you, K.

K: Mommy?

Me: Yes, baby.

K: *unintelligible baby talk which melts my heart*

This moment brought to you by... my very tired legs and even more ungainly midsection! And by... readers like you! Call the 1-800 number on your screen right now to donate towards a rocking chair so this station can continue to operate and provide you with the programs you love! Operators are standing by. (And they'd rather be rocking.)

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  1. I can relate! Standing/holding Shea for extended periods of time now is pretty much impossible. We just have one of those ikea "poang" chairs in her room (they sort of rock) and in order for us all to be comfortable she has to sit on just one of my legs. I love the new banner/photo of Kem by the water! And I am so jealous of your new camera-- I bet you are having so much fun with it.