Monday, September 29, 2008


We swiped an old rocking chair from my parents' house this past weekend, with their consent of course. It's not really 'old' in the falling apart sense, just 'old' in the sense that I can't remember NOT having that rocking chair at my parents house. We wrangled it (and our two large dogs, and the toddler and all our stuff from the past three days) into the minivan and off we went.

K and I tried it out for the first time last night. She has a cold (she usually gets one after going to church childcare after not having been for several months) and so sleeping has been pretty uncomfortable for her. I heard her fussing and calling for me so I went in for some mother/daughter/snot bonding time. The second I picked her up she pointed to the chair and said, "Mommy, rawh?"

So we rocked. K was happy. I was happy. My back was happy. H was happy.

Thanks for the rocking chair, Mom and Dad!


  1. We're thankful it's being used. In spite of its humble origin, that chair sure got a lot of use when you kids were young!

  2. I think G&G found that chair in a dumpster in pieces and put it back to gether and refinished it.