Friday, September 26, 2008

Debajo Sombrero

My uncle and his family go live in South America for a whole year every seven years. He and his wife have four kids, the oldest of which is 19. They've always done this. It's a whole lot easier if I just leave it at that and keep from trying to explain anything.

This is where I would link to the entry in which I describe my 80-year-old grandfather's accidental rolling of a bulldozer end-over-end, but that site no longer exists. Some of you may remember the event. He lived. What kind of grandpa rolls a 49-ton bulldozer several hundred feet down the side of a mountain and lives to tell about it? Mine. What kind of 80-year-old grandfather even OWNS a 49-ton bulldozer? Again, mine. See why this is difficult to explain?

Most things on my mom's side of the family are difficult to explain, and I imagine many people are sorry they asked several minutes after one of us has launched into as sincere of an explanation as we can. Of course if you've known our family for extended period of time you've come to realize that things like this are normal and even to be expected and so no explanation is necessary.

Back to my uncle and his family. They've already been to several South American countries and are currently in Leticia, Colombia, hanging out by the Amazon. Before they left back in June I helped set up a blog for them which I hoped they would update whenever they could with the tales of their travels. Here is my cousin Dana's account of a day or two spent in Leticia. She does a great job of describing her experiences. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did. (It's always great to hear they're alive and well considering what country they're in!)

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