Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I give up.

This is going to be a mommy blog. I can't fight it. I'll still try and talk about things pertaining to life outside of babies and toddlers and pregnancy but my life happens to be consumed by the above right now. So, sorry, that's what you get. I know a lot of you are thinking so what, big deal, I LOVE reading about babies and toddlers and pregnancy; what on earth is she resisting it for?!? I know. Me too. In fact, most of the blogs I subscribe to are written by moms about their families.

I suppose I just resent my life being so enormously one-sided at the moment. Maybe resent isn't quite the word - I absolutely love being home with my daughter and soon-to-be-newborn (five more months) and there's nothing I'd rather do. But I still enjoy other things too! I'm a wife! I'm an aspiring photographer! I love animals and dogs especially! I love to go camping and especially if there's a good book I can read while sitting in (or under) a tree! I'll try to reflect my other interests on this blog as much as I can but for now, I surrender, babies it is.

Even though I couldn't really write much about my job when I was working, it still allowed me to get out of the house and interact with adults on an adult level. I could have told lots of stories about work and the people there and even though I didn't, I still felt like a more well-rounded person, and therefore able to blog more frequently.

As most of you have probably already read via Twitter, we're expecting another girl (due January 23.) And no, I'm sorry, I am not allowed to share the names which are currently in the running. We like two names very much (which are both first names); he likes one a little more than I do and I like the other one more a little more than he does. Of course. I say since he came up with Kem's first name (which initially I wasn't that crazy about) I should get to pick this one. I think we'll share the name once we have it, but not until then so hold your horses people.

After the ultrasound this morning Superman and I dropped by Sunglass Hut and got him a sweet pair of Oakleys for his birthday which is tomorrow. It's important to me that his sunglasses be an all-plastic frame in case something (or someone) hits him in the face at work.

Kem's cold has moved into her chest (she was up a lot of last night coughing) and even though the river of snot has decreased somewhat she's still pretty congested. She had less than an hour nap today and so by the time bedtime rolled around she was overtired and not at all willing to be in bed OR in Mommy's arms OR anything except some activity that is not allowed just before bedtime. It was rough but she's finally asleep and hopefully will stay that way for a while.

She gave her cold to me. I don't have it as bad (yet) but still feel like I have a couple of bricks in my sinuses, especially at night. It wasn't that hot today (only mid-nineties) but I'm already wilting at the thought of the next few days which are supposed to be up around 105. Ugh. Today I didn't do much of anything except wipe a snotty nose and go food shopping. I plan to make Mexican Lasagna for Superman's birthday tomorrow. It sounds delicious.


  1. This was a very interesting entry. i love reading about your life. i miss you!

  2. Congratulations! And tell Superman Happy Birthday! what a neat Birthday gift.....hope you all heal up too! No sickness!*** i hope you were able to enjoy some cake and fish tacos! it was fun chatting today! :)