Saturday, August 16, 2008


We set up the pack and play in our room so Kem can benefit from the AC during these hot days and nights. Even though she goes to bed at 7:30 or 8 pm (when it's 'cool'!) it's still far from comfortable enough to sleep in the non air conditioned parts of the house. This means she's right next to me when she wakes up in the morning.

Here's what happened today: I heard her wake up and of course I feigned deep sleep to fend off the inevitable as long as possible. After a couple of "hi mom?"s she sat back down and read a few books (I've always put her to bed with books. I do it, why can't she? Reading in bed is a crucial habit to develop.) Then she stood up again and 'hi'ed more loudly until I 'woke up' and took her out of the pack and play to run about the room and play with mommy and daddy's shoes while I gathered enough energy to get up.

After a little while I heard her fake fussing noise. She scrunches up her face and makes this totally and utterly fake complaining sound purely to get attention. It's SO cute you can't resist tackling her and blowing rasperries into her neck, which is usually what she wants you to do anyhow. I rolled over to see what she wanted and had to do a double take. She was back in the pack and play. I took her out. She climbed back in and pretended to be stuck. She threw out all her books and then pointed and fake fussed at them as if she was helpless to retrieve them. I burst out laughing, swooped her out and wrestled on the bed with her. What a ham. What a brilliant little ham.

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  1. RYN: Thank you for the input, Beck. Dad won't go see counselors (even of the Christian variety). He has an aversion to people who say things he disagrees with. His head injury has only exacerbated his curmudeony ways. I understand that we can pay someone to take care of his physical needs, but my concern is largely the impact this new ordeal will have on his attitude, which could easily hasten or retard his mental recovery. I just don't think I could face myself if I moved with Dad in his current condition. Hopefully, if God wants me to do this, He'll remove these obstacles. If he doesn't, I'll just gripe, groan, pine, and moan until I'm over it.I realize the insanity of not wanting to have parents, but considering all the drama I witness in my own kin, we should just be grateful that I'm at least functionally insane.Also, where's the best place to keep up with you? Here or at OD?