Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hey! Look at that, I'm not so tired anymore. Just in time for the energy-sucking heatwave. Nice.

For a while there I would drag out of bed between 6 and 7 am to retrieve my wide-awake and cheerful baby and lie back down in my bed with her, hoping against hope she would suddenly realize that snuggling calmly and quietly with mommy is the coolest thing ever. She has yet to realize that even once. Instead of conforming to my wishes she would inevitably put her face mere centimeters away from my own, pry open my eyelids with her baby index fingers and gaze into my squinting, resentful eyes while exclaiming, "HELLLOOOOOOOO!!??!!" As in, get up, Mom! I'm ready to go, Mom! Look at the kitty, Mom! Can we have breakfast now, Mom? Then she would run laps around the mattress using me as a speed bump. Uuuuurrrgh.

So I don't have a job anymore. This week, I'm kind of depressed about it. It was a fantastic place to work; I loved the job and the people. It's hard to move on to the mundane chores of SAHMdom but I'm gladly doing it. I know that part of the problem is my need for other people to notice what a fabulous job I'm doing. Toddlers generally don't thank you for saving them from crawling into the dishwasher or providing them with balanced, nutritional meals even though they think eating nothing but green beans is a far better plan. I know my husband completely supports me and is thankful for my doing this but it's just not the same as glowing annual performance reviews and raises. Time for me to practice the whole "a job well done is all the reward you need" philosophy. Except when will I be able to say my job is done? Not for another 17 years? That's a long time. The little rewards along the way will have to keep me going. Like this video.

The other baby is doing well as far as I know. I felt Kem moving around for sure by the time I was this far along with her. Kem's movements were more determined and obvious. This baby is sneaky. I've felt it move a couple of weeks ago but if I'm not paying attention I won't notice. Kem demanded attention with her movements. This kid likes to slip, slide and roll. No out-and-out punches or kicks. Devious, this one. Already likes to be out of mom's radar. We've decided on a boys name but we've got absolutely NOTHING if it's a girl. We'll find out which it is on the 26th (if the baby decides to cooperate.)

I can't believe how late the Olympics go. All I want to see is women's gymnastics. And I'm supposed to wait until after 10 pm to do this?!? *yawn*


  1. The Olympics have been killing me at work. Staying up until 1 or 1:30 every night to see who won the all-around is just painful...

  2. Hey Becky, I was thinking the same thing about this baby. I felt Eric so clearly around 18 weeks but this one is sneaky and I really have to pay attention. Not very easy to do when I'm trying to keep up with a 22 month old. Anyway, I also like watching the women's gymnastics. Unfortunately, we don't have cable. :-( So I've been watching what I can online. Hope you are doing well.

  3. I love her hair in that video! Aww she's such a cutie. More (videos or pics of your precious child!) please :)