Thursday, July 31, 2008


The rule is: sit down in the bathtub. Kem knows the rule well. She doesn't follow it as well and I often remind her, "Kem, sit down on your bottom please." She'll squat down almost all the way, but still be completely on her feet, and look at me as if to say, "See mom? I'm sitting. Isn't this sitting?" No. No baby, it is not. I'm consistantly reminding and helping her sit down because she has the attention span of a gnat (especially when distracted by fun bath toys.) She will sit down on her own most of the times I ask, if I can get her attention first.

The other night, I took her arm and said firmly, "Kem, sit!" while pointing down with my other hand. Without missing a beat she looked right back at me and pointed *her* chubby little finger down and lisped, "sit!" just as firmly.

I about died laughing, which was the wrong response because guess who thought it was hilarious to keep doing that every time mommy asked her to sit?

It caught me off guard because (at 16 months) she's really not talking very much - she says a handful of words but that's it. This incident served to remind me just how MUCH she is aware of, even though she can't quite verbalize her thoughts - YET!

Speaking of talking, since she isn't talking as much as I thought she'd be by now, I wish I had spent more time teaching her signs for simple things. Our daycare lady has taught her "more" and "drink" which is really helpful in determining what she wants/needs. A few nights ago she woke up crying and nothing seemed to calm her down until I realized she was making the "drink" sign so I asked her if she was thirsty and of course she was! Silly mom. With this next kid I'm determined to start teaching signs early. A lot of frustration can be prevented with just a few simple signs!

Baby signs website.


  1. When your dogs sit, their hind feet are always on the ground. Maybe it's a canine-induced confusion.

  2. My younger cousins had a deaf aunt on their other side of the family, so they grew up able to talk pretty fluently through signing before they could ACTUALLY talk! Sure comes in handy...

  3. Maddy signs foe "more" and "all done" and its so helpful. I'm working on "please" and "thank you" but those aren't coming as easily.

  4. Shea does the SAME thing in the tub. She listens fairly well to things like "sit down"... BUT she doesn't know that "sit down" means "sit down and STAY down." Not sure how to curb that one. We also get the squatting/springing back up combo around here.