Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No way, Mom!

Well now that I can write about being pregnant I seem to have shockingly little to say. Pre-disclosure I had to keep myself from Twittering and blogging excessively about how exhausted I was and how every morning without fail I'd make myself breakfast and then promptly feel disgusted at the thought of eating it. That part is getting better. I wish I could say the same about the tiredness.

This single parent stuff is tough. Superman and I are both so ready for him to graduate and come home. He hasn't spent more than two nights a week at home since JANUARY. That, folks, is a very long time. It'll be strange to adjust to having him here every day again. Strange but lovely! The dogs might get to go on walks again! I'll be able to run out on quick errands sans toddler! Not to mention all the husband/daddy time we're eager to catch up on.

Fortunately he's been getting more liberty nights as he closes in on graduation day. Tonight we'll drive out and meet him for dinner.

Speaking of eating, my previously non-picky baby has decided to go on a food strike. I knew it was inevitable. I think she's learning that she has control over what she puts in her mouth and she's liking to be in control (which of us doesn't?!?) I'm not making a big deal about it (her chubby little thighs can keep her going for quite a while) but I worry about nutrition. Fortunately she'll eat eggs but all meat is a no go. Broccoli is good and so are peas and cheese. Juice is ALWAYS good (which is only offered at meal times) but she often decides to spit water out of her mouth as soon as she realizes that's what it is. *inner scream* I plan to stick by my rules and when she gets hungry enough, she'll eat what's offered. She still drinks her bottles of milk/formula so that's comforting.

In cute news she's finally learned to nod her head yes and SAY yes. She's been shaking her head no to indicate both 'no' and 'yes' (usually shakes her head no faster when she means yes) which is adorable and also makes it fun to pose questions to her. For example, "Are you the cutest baby in the whole world?" Frantic head shaking no. "Do you love Daddy more than you love Mommy?" No, no no no, Mom, no. And Uncle TAB's favorite, "Is Aunt LL smarter than Uncle TAB?" No. No no no, says the baby.

Today she answered most of my questions with both no AND yes.

And since I do have to go to work tomorrow, I should bring this to a close.

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