Monday, June 9, 2008

Love those kids.

You know what is probably the greatest thing about having a kid (this week)?

This scenario has played out countless times. Superman and I are hugging in the kitchen, or snuggling on the couch when Kem notices us. As soon as she does she stops whatever she was doing (toddlers have strange to-do lists) and begins to laugh excitedly as she barrels down on us at top toddler speed. She attacks our legs, wrapping her chubby little baby arms around them, and looks up expectantly. She is completely confident that she will be included in the hugs and kisses. She's not insecure or afraid; she is sure of her place in our arms and we are more than happy to place her there.

Talk about feeling full of love.

I hope she never questions or doubts our unconditional love for her. Things won't be easy all the time but even in the challenging times I will never EVER EVER stop loving her, even a little bit.


  1. How precious! Kem knows she is loved.

  2. My mom would always tell me, Chris Anna, God gives us 12 years to love you...then you become teenagers...she was kidding, I think ;)I love picturing a giant family hug!

  3. You need to burn those memories into your brain, because there may be times in the future where you don't feel unconditional love in that way towards your daughter. (Hopefully not!) But if you do have a tough time, remember those innocent times and try to see that child in the older one...