Friday, June 13, 2008

Gilmore Ranch

This is one of my favorite places, even though the tree with the swing had to get cut down. There are still acres and acres of walnut trees and a few dogs of various ages to help explore.



  1. Re: The Swing tree: to make it more (or less) tragic, the tree did not get cut down, it blew down in a winter storm--thankfully, across the driveway rather than into the living room where some of the family was playing games on a rainy day...I'm glad for the legacy of happy memories this place has, it's one of my favorite places, too :)

  2. That's one of my favorite places too! I have lots of memories from there--and a lot of them about the tire swing! Oh no!

  3. I know that place! When were you guys there? How are Uncle W. and Aunt H doing at 90? We saw them last year, and they looked the same as they have for twenty years. Too bad about the old swing tree. Was the little ride-in metal car still around? That was my favorite. Thank you so much for the memory wave!