Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wishful dreaming

Oh this is just awesome. By the end I'd be going more than a little crazy but oh man. The first month? Heaven. I'm assuming I get to surf the web during the day and also read every book I have on my "to read" list. Hmm. What about the bathroom? Showers? OK, but it's seventeen grand. It would be completely nuts for me to do it but I'm so curious as to what it would be like. Also, I'm the person who was always signing up to be in paid studies while in college. I even got my brainwaves monitored once! It was fun. I think I earned $24 in about an hour.

Kem's nights have been rough due to the two molars she's in the process of sprouting. A few nights ago I brought her into bed with me despite my fear she would somehow squirm all the way across our California king sized bed in her sleep and fall off the other side. She didn't. Instead she sqirmed her way into my arms and we slept snuggled together. If she started to whimper in her sleep or stir, I woke right away and rubbed or patted her back and she burrowed deeper into my neck and fell back asleep. I slept wonderfully; woke up feeling so rested! It was great! She can get down off the bed by herself (it's pretty high) but I doubt she'd be able to do it while half-asleep. I should get sleep rails or something. Tonight she's in her bed but since I'm tired from working and I need this night to catch up I might bring her in with me.

Does anyone know what to do with loquats? We have a tree against our back fence and someone comes and picks them off the branches that hang over into the park. I haven't been able to corner him and ask what it is he does with them but I'm guessing it's something delicious like jam or pie. Every year the tree produces diligently and every year the fruit ends up rotting on the branches. I hate waste.

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that one of my dearest friends had updated her long-neglected blog, so please rush over HERE to enjoy some excellent reading.


  1. In bed for 90 days? With my head lower than my feet? Gag! I'd go stark-raving crazy within the first week - even if books and searching the Internet were permitted.

  2. Thanks for the plug!

  3. My parents have a loquat tree and I just eat the ripe fruit off of it plain...except there's usually not much left because the squirrels seem to love it too and eat them before they're even ripe! They're sweet and juicy when they're ripe but very tart if picked too are a couple of recipes for jam and jelly: some more: :)