Thursday, May 15, 2008

Warming trends

It's still above 80 degrees outside and it's 10:30 pm. I battle between physical comfort (AC!) and monetary comfort (electric bill!) When the weather is like this our plan must be to rise early and be productive because once the afternoon arrives all forms of energy just drain right away.

Tonight before bed I shared an Otter Pop with Kem and sprayed down her hair for added cooling effect. It still wasn't comfortable enough for her to sleep until after 9 pm. We had been out and so I couldn't get the AC going to start cooling down her room ahead of time. Right now the AC blows out our bedroom door, across the short hallway and into her room. It's still noticeably warmer in her room but cool enough for her to sleep. I think an additional fan in the hallway might be in order (also to help the air turn the corner into the other parts of the house.)

Hopefully something terribly exciting will happen soon and thereby save you from having to hear about the latest house-cooling strategy.

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