Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WA wedding


Well, Mr. & Mrs. Burndive are off on their honeymoon to Costa Rica. The wedding (a double wedding!) was lovely and the reception was fun. It would have been even more fun if a) Superman was there and b) I knew how to dance but that can't be helped. Besides, if we were on the dance floor who would hurry along behind the fearless toddler, saving her from calamity upon calamity? The toddler also put a damper on the time I had to catch up with old friends but when the baby has to go to bed, the mommy must be there and not at the beach, hanging out with friends and talking until all hours of the night. As it was I was hanging out until all hours of the night, but with the coughing baby instead of life-long friends. Ah, the prices mothers must pay. Since the poor, coughing, sleepless child spent several nights coughing directly on my face (in her attempts to find a comfortable bone on my shoulder to fall asleep on before being awakened by a coughing fit 10 seconds later...) I was briefly sick and snotty as well but I'm mostly recovered.

Keeping Kem quiet during the wedding didn't go exactly how I imagined and I spent most of the wedding poised and ready to spring out of my seat and swoop her out at the slightest hint of excessive noise. I didn't plan for the utterly nasty stinky diaper not five minutes into the start of the wedding (I chose not to run out and change it - she remained unperturbed though the rest of us were either gagging or holding our breath (it probably wasn't THAT bad...)) Fortunately my mother had the good sense to stop at a drug store down the street and pick up some never-before-seen items to amuse her. The dog stickers worked for a short time as did the little stuffed dog that wiggled when you pulled it's tail. She also ate goldfish, had a bottle and walked up and down the length of the pew a few times, emptying the pew backs of their communication cards and tithe envelopes as she went. She sat up like a big girl, stood up on the seat and danced to the recessional music which made the people in the rows behind us chuckle and exclaim over her cuteness (they were out of the stinky diaper range.) Just when I thought she was beginning to fall apart into a cranky baby (during the vows, no less) my father pulled a brightly-colored slinky out of his suit coat sleeve. This was highly intriguing and enough to placate Kem until the vows had ended. *whew*

I can't remember during which part of the wedding that she let loose a couple of loud farts but it was a quiet part. People sitting two rows behind us heard them. I laughed so hard I cried (all silently of course, while trying to maintain a somewhat dignified posture.)

The weather was warm and sunny (in Washington! I know!) and it was a perfect day to get married (though I prefer three days earlier for obvious reasons.) The bride and groom danced AMAZINGLY. I am thoroughly impressed and failed to catch any of it on camera (though I certainly hope they had a videographer who did.) I never would have imagined Tim to be such a fantastic dancer. East coast swing, apparently, is his thing. And also his wife's. They didn't choreograph the moves or anything - it was all done on the fly - and when I say on the fly I really do mean FLY. They were doing cool lifts/spins/throws and all kinds of complicated looking stuff. The audience stood around, gaping, except for their friends who later led us all in dance lessons.



  1. Yeah, we tried cloth, but eventually ended up using disposables at night, and they still leaked. There's nothing like waking up in a pool of someone else's urine... (they slept in our bed a lot).

  2. That's too funny about the farting. Shea thinks they are so funny that she bursts into giggles every time she lets one rip, and then she tries to imitate the noise with her mouth. Lovely.Never before seen toys are always great! I'm thinking that I should come up with something cheap and fun to bring on our upcoming trip. Kem has smart grandparents. :)