Sunday, May 11, 2008


The past several nights Kem has fought her bedtime, remaining awake and periodically crying/talking/screaming/making other non-asleep noises until 1.5 hours past when she's usually in dreamland. This appeared to come out of the blue. I have no idea what's happening but I do! not! like! it!

Teething? Maybe. But when is the kid NOT teething?? She seems happy enough to be awake if we let her be up. Not fussy or clingy or tired-sounding at all. Just an awake little kid 1.5 hours after she's normally asleep. I'm stumped. I've tried to tire her out as much as possible.

I'm afraid my next option is to wake her up from her afternoon nap earlier. This hurts on so many levels. WAKE a sleeping baby? Seriously? Wake her UP!? After she's finally gotten into the habit of taking one 2+ hour nap? When am I going to get MY stuff done??? WHEN!?!?!! (Can you sense the panic?)

I sent Superman back off to the Academy without installing the window AC unit because last time I checked the weather it was only going to be in the low nineties towards the end of the week. I just checked and now it's into the upper-nineties and one day's high is forecast to be 100. Oh joy.


  1. My niece did a very similar thing at her age. She'd shriek at bed time in a prolonged effort to fight going to sleep. It was probably something like separation anxiety, wanting to be awake and know for certain that her mom was right there. For her, it was a phase, which may be the case with Kem. I'm sorry; I wish I could give you a more pro-active solution than to endure it patiently.

  2. I'll switch lives with her. I'd love a 2 hour nap every afternoon.

  3. Staying awake as an allergic response? Everything else about her seems to be as normal as can be. It seems that all her carrying on is just because she's being contained to the crib. And she would rather not be. When we take her out of the crib (which I've done only twice now) and let her be awake she's completely her usual self - and very happy to be out of the crib.

  4. Might she be allergic to something else in her diet (other than cow's milk)?