Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Screamin' AC

I don't know how anyone in the military has a happy marriage. I really don't. Especially the people who are deployed relatively frequently. And yet, it seems that many happy military marriages exist. I know you adjust and adapt until it's normal and you make the best of it. I have lots of Air Force wife friends whose husbands are always jumping up to leave for three months at a time, here and there. Sometimes I wish that Superman would be completely gone for larger chunks of time because it's almost worse to have him popping in and out, yet not fully able to engage when he's here.

I am very glad he came home tonight, though, because I never could have installed our window AC unit by myself. We upgraded to one that has enough kick to cool the whole house instead of just our bedroom. I can't wait to see our electricity bill. Currently the high for Friday will be 104. The AC manual ridiculously suggested to set the temperature within ten degrees (F) of the outside temperature to save electricity. Set the inside temperature to 94? No. And if it was 94 outside I probably wouldn't even use the unit - room fans work just fine (together with our half-way insulated house.) No, AC is for days when it's 110 outside and I'd like to be able to feel refreshed enough to actually move around inside. We usually set it between 80 and 85, which is 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature on most days of the summer.

Speaking of hot. Tragically, Kem takes after her daddy (yet again! anyone counting?) and is a hot sleeper. I put her to bed in a thin t-shirt and shorts with her window open and fan on and she woke up an hour or so later just hot and sweaty and miserable. She's happy in just her diaper but I worry about her getting too cold during the night (like I most certainly would.) But she doesn't take after me so I shouldn't be concerned.

Except in the screaming. My mother has told me that I was a screamer. My mother will take great delight in learning that my daughter is a screamer as well. She doesn't necessarily scream when she's upset, though she does have a "I'm fussy and grouchy and would you PLEASE hurry up with whatever you're doing to help me out" scream. I imagine she screams when her gums hurt (which I think is constantly, given their state.) She also screams just to hear herself scream, even if no one is paying attention or reacting. She'll scream for fun! I've tried just about everything I can think of to get her to stop. My mother managed to teach the four of her kids that screaming was only to be used in emergencies. I think that's a good rule. That way I know immediately if my kid needs me NOW and is not just playing around. I'll be going to two weddings this month and Kem will be joining me at both of them. Please leave me a comment right now and give me ideas (no sedatives please!) for keeping a 14 month old still and quiet for the length of a wedding ceremony. I shudder to think of all the possible ways a poorly-timed shriek could disrupt the ceremony.


  1. Beck, I'm planning on bringing cheerios and some toys to my brother-in-law's wedding. So far Eric has been to 2 weddings. This will be his third. I think a toy bag is good and maybe some books. I'm sure that we won't be the only ones with a baby there. And most parents have had the same problem to deal with at one time or another.

  2. What do you nomally do on Sundays at church? Does Kem go to a nursery? or do you entertain her?. You might put together a toy bag... with toys she doesn't usually see/have. I like to hit the dollar store before a conference or funeral/wedding/etc. My kids love stickers. They stick them on themselves, on anything they can stick them on, and of course they eat them, but a little paper and glue hasn't hurt them yet. Often the dollar store carries packages of farm animals too - I prefer the softer rubbery plastic ones over the hard plastic - and then I stick them in a little drawstring bag. Half the time it's more fun taking the toys out and putting them back into the bag than it is playing or chewing on them. 'Just a thought.

  3. Our house is sometimes run like a military operation: Often there is waaay too much 'friendly' fire.Hope you guys manage to limit any battles, and enjoy the r+r.

  4. Ummmm. . . send them to the nursery? Obviously won't work if one is not provided. My sister had her kids in her wedding and they just wandered around the whole time. It might not be as cute when it is not the wedding couple's kid. I don't know what to tell you. My niece is also a screamer is just screams to hear her own voice. Erik did it for a while, but got bored by it pretty fast.