Monday, May 12, 2008

Like grandmother...

... like granddaughter. I just take the pictures and present the facts.


Notice Jackson guiltily chewing the last dog bone he was handed. Trying to be so innocent! Just happened along as Kem got into the dog bones! Don't look at HIM; it's not HIS fault Kem has good taste. TBird was sorry he wanted to go outside earlier.


I don't think Kem has ever seen me feed dog bones to the dogs or if she has I've done it rarely. They get fed after she's in bed. I didn't even know she knew where they were, let alone know what to do with them.

Alright Mother... looks like this kid takes after more people than just her parents. But please, please keep turkey necks out of this.


  1. What a considerate young lady!! She's taking good care of her Guard Dog. I can only imagine T-Bird's grief at not being included in the party. Actually, turkey necks may be a bit challenging for KEM. Dare I bring up the topic of giblets? No, you say?

  2. she's so smart! and i really want to hear her give me (or anyone/thing else, for that matter) an enthusiastic "HIIII!" Tim performed an excellent demonstration on Sunday, but the cuteness factor got a tad lost in translation. =)