Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I awoke to the sound of the back door at my parents' house sliding shut. Kem fussed in the dark and so I picked her up and wandered out of the guest room to investigate. TAB's light was on and his bed was empty. Looking down into the backyard the exterior lights illuminated two dogs pacing around. Shadow looked anxious (but she always does) and Jackson looked tired and mildly concerned. TAB's spotlight was sweeping back and forth as he walked down the easement behind the house. I didn't need to ask. I knew TBird was gone. When TAB got back he confirmed my suspicion. Both my dogs had escaped under the garden fence and TAB had been awakened by Jackson returning to the fence and complaining that he couldn't get back in the same hole he got out of. Brilliant, dog.

"Oh well,"I said, "there's not much we can do. TBird's micro-chipped and besides he'll come back whenever he's done."

"What's that smell?" asked TAB, "smells like burnt rubber. Or skunk." I shrugged. We all went back to bed.

At 4:45 am I heard Jackson's high, urgent whines by the side-yard gate right under my bedroom window. I knew TBird was back. I tiptoed down stairs and sure enough he was lounging on the front lawn, almost regal in his composure. He radiated pleased success. In my half-asleep mental state I failed to ascertain that that wasn't all he radiated. I opened the front door, and he willingly trotted through the house to be let out the back door into the backyard. My nose instantly informed me that he was the reason the skunk decided to spray. The skunk had gotten him good, too.

So that was the aroma surrounding Kem's first birthday party. How memorable. Thankfully Superman and I had come in two cars so I was able to drive one of them back to our house while Superman suffered in the other with the dogs. They don't understand why we're so intent on avoiding them. I'm sure we've hurt their poor little dog feelings. Shouldn't we be proud of them? I haven't been able to do anything about it directly yet because today I came home early from work due to some strange virus. I feel exactly as if I have a fever... but I don't! Funny, that. Constant chills, violent shivering at times, sore throat, aching muscles, no appetite, etc..

So I'm off to take another nap. Anyone have tried-and-true de-skunking remedies?


  1. My niece-dog, the closest thing to be an actual niece to me, has been sprayed three times. PetSmart has a de-skunking bath that is relatively cheap, and you don't have to be the one to smell and clean at the same time....and if your dog ever gets "quilled" by a porcupine I know of a remedy for that too!

  2. Hey Beck! I hope you are feeling better. I sent you a package about a week ago... I was wondering if you had gotten it yet.... I tried e-mailing you, but it got returned...

  3. Yeah, that first one is the recipe my animal-expert friend (and animal columnist for 30+ years) swears by.

  4. Do a search on skunk and mythbusters• 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide formula (from a pharmacy) • 1/4 cup baking soda • 1 tsp. liquid soap Mix together and wash animal, being careful to keep mixture out of animal's eyes, nose, and mouth. Rinse with tap water.*or*Deskunking Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets http://dan.drydog.com/patsyann/skunk.html" rel="nofollow">http://dan.drydog.com/patsyann/skunk.htmlHere's what you'll need:• 1 quart (or liter) of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2. Use fresh (unopened) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Hydrogen peroxide eventually turns into water (H2O).• 1/4 cup (50 ml.) of Baking Soda • 1 teaspoon (5 ml.) of Liquid Soap • 1 pair of plastic or latex gloves There's more instructions regarding preparing the mixture, and the dog, so be sure to read the link.

  5. Someone who goes camping regularly with a dog who cannot avoid skunks once told me that he carries a can of RightGuard to spray the dog down with and is able to sleep in the same tent with him that night. I've never tried it but if it works let me know.

  6. I think I might have a mild version of whatever you have. I'm half fluey but not.