Friday, April 18, 2008

Remember when...

I've been thinking about all the things I've seen come to pass over the course of just my lifetime. Things that my children won't be able to imagine because they've never known life without _______.

Feel free to add your own. Remember, the changes have to have occurred within your own lifetime. This is something that only our/your generation will be able to say.

I remember when...

  1. The only way to roast a marshmallow was with a wire coat hanger.

  2. None of my friends had a computer at home and when our family got one it was only because my dad worked for Hewlett Packard. The colors on the screen were black and green and gray.

  3. All telephones were wired to the base.

  4. Pagers were popular and the cool kids in high school not only had their own pagers but they knew pager code too.

  5. We could walk the traveler to the gate at the airport or wait at the gate to meet them as they came off the airplane without having to be a ticketed passenger ourselves.

  6. We kept paper maps in the car and used them to navigate our route.

  7. No one owned a cell phone.

  8. You had to lick stamps.

  9. I didn't have to wear a helmet when riding my bike (this varies by state.)


  1. Oh, man, I'd forgotten about how cool pager code was! I remember when the only kind of cameras there were ran on FILM and you had to wait for your pictures, unless you had a Polaroid. Kids these days don't understand the concept of film, pictures should be instant!

  2. I remember rotary dial phones and actually getting a busy signal sometimes.

  3. I'm 51 and I remember when ..1. I had a Prodigy email address but no one else did, and I couldn't find anyone to send email to2. All telephones were hard-wired (not modular wired) and owned by the phone company.3. When my father carried a hunting rifle onto the airplane and placed it in the overhead (LAX to Denver).4. When happy faces hadn't been invented :)5. When Social Security Numbers were 3 digits long I forget the rest ...

  4. I remember seat belts were different (so were the laws)...and tvs had that bubble screen instead of being clunky computers, tvs and cell phones used to be. Cheap electric toothbrushes didn't exist...

  5. Ohh... good stuff! How about...... If you didn't happen to own a VCR, you could rent one (with your movie selection) at Blockbuster which came in a briefcase with a shoulder strap. :-)