Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mentor me

My Grandma always said to seek out and build a friendship with an "older lady." Someone who has been 'there' ahead of you and is wise and trustworthy. Someone to tell you when you're being an idiot in your marriage or offer support and advice when your children are making you absolutely crazy. While I agree that the idea is a good one I've never marched right up to someone and claimed her as my "older lady." Not that she would appreciate the term, either, I'm sure. I've felt the desire to be mentored for a while now and wasn't sure how to go about procuring my very own mentor. Fortunately, I didn't have to. She marched right up to me and volunteered herself! Cool! How easy was that? I guess my need of a mentoring relationship is just that obvious. (Also, I'm pretty sure God had something to do with it.)

I spent the better part of two hours visiting with her today, first at the park (as I chased a sand-eating Kem around) and then back at her house (I'm borrowing Gilmore Girls from her.) She could totally be my mom and our relationship feels very comfortable. I discovered that her kids also hid books in the bathroom to avoid doing school work (must be a home schooling thing) and their family is totally into Adventures in Odyssey just as mine is. We spent a lot of time just talking about our lives today, getting to know each other better (I have known her for a while; it's not like I had a sign on my head saying, "MENTOR ME!" or maybe I did.) I don't really know what you're 'supposed' to talk about in a mentoring meeting but it's nice to know that she's there.

Kem enjoyed meeting her two dogs, though the little dog didn't enjoy meeting Kem as much as the bigger dog did. Kem didn't help the matter by constantly pointing to it and exclaiming "di-dee! di-dee!" (Her word for kitty.) Yes baby, compared to your dogs that dog does look like a kitty but it really does say woof woof, I promise.

So how do you all like Gilmore Girls? I've heard about it but never watched. Don't ruin anything. I'm starting at the beginning.


  1. Umm, pretty much one of my favorite shows ever. You do have to ignore plot holes and such sometimes, though. Whenever that starts to bug me, I just look at the clothes the hairstyles and think how pretty they are. :)

  2. You already know how I feel about Gilmore Girls, right?

  3. How great that you found a mentor that fits you! I've often thought I needed one, but have no idea where to find one other than church and I am not interested in attending church. I was a big Gilmore fan when it was airing, though admit it can get a little silly at times. Fun show, though.