Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Alright alright I see you people clicking on the "my little link farm" link up there and you keep finding nothing. Don't lose heart! I hope to finish that page soon.

I've decided that Kem's new bedtime is 7 pm (it's been closer to 8 recently) because I simply need to have more time to fly around the house getting actual work done before going to bed myself. (And I need to get to bed early because I get up at 4:30 on workdays.) I was planning to keep it at 8 pm in preparation for the boiling hot summer when it'll be impossible to sleep any earlier than 9 or 10 but oh well. It can change back if the need arises.

Kem is at least partially lactose intolerant. It took me longer than it should have to realize this but now that I have everyone is feeling better. I talked to her doctor about it tonight and he said a soy-based formula would be best at this point. I'll ask him what he thinks of goat milk at Kem's 15-month check up. I already know what I think of goat's milk - YUCK. You'd think that smelly green diarrhea diapers accompanied by a wailing, fussy baby approximately four hours after her nightly bottle would clue me in to the fact that maybe she's not handling the milk so well but no. I thought it was teething at first (because she's doing that too) because it's been a gradual transition to cow's milk so lactose intolerance didn't immediately come to mind. I still am nursing a few times but primarily for comfort and not so much for calories. Now that the last of my free-sample formula is gone (which I was mixing with cow's milk) she's been having all-milk bottles for the past few days which is when the diapers really got disgusting. Anyhow. Everything's better now and we can confirm in yet another way that Kem is indeed her daddy's girl.

I'm finding my need for rules and routine and predictability is getting thoroughly stomped on by life with my toddler. I fight and fight and fight this and make new rules and adjust routines daily thinking I'll hit on something at last but to no avail. I think I'm slowly but surely breaking down into a more relaxed, go-with-the-flow person. Maybe. Hopefully. If Kem doesn't do it I'm sure the rest of our future children will.

Working three days a week is definitely difficult. I'm in neither world completely and it drives me nuts. I vacillate between doing absolutely no housework on the days I work to trying to do a little each day and I always end up burned out and exhausted on Thursday which makes Friday my day to be social with other stay-at-home moms but it's hard to keep up with them when I'm at work for half the week. That was a long sentence.

Also, Superman isn't home so it's all me all the time. I have to make lists of things I have to do while Kem naps and then hope she's asleep long enough for me to finish. I'm constantly readjusting my priorities depending on her needs and how the day is looking or how much sleep I got the night before. I'm tired. Part of me is glad the academy is only three more months but another part of me groans with the knowledge that he'll likely be assigned grave-yard shifts for at least the first few months.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. If I just had 3 more hours per day I could gain enough ground to pull ahead but as it is I'm barely keeping things running at a minimum.

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  1. I honestly don't know how you are doing it. When Erik was that age I was a mess by the time Mike walked in the door every night. When does Superman get home for good?