Monday, April 7, 2008


Leaving my site half 'done' is irritating but it'll have to wait until I have time. Wordpress went and changed the look of the user interface and so I have to learn that at some point. How easy is CSS anyhow? I think if I just learned it 90% of my blog woes would be solved.

I am totally LOVING the 8-hour work days. I've recently switched from two 10-hour days to three 8-hour days and it is pretty fantastic. Makes me appreciate the hours I work so much more - I'm done at 2:30! That's like, half the day left to play with Kem or do whatever!

Today I came home from work to discover that police had visited while I had been away. Apparently the house alarm tripped (via the motion detector?!?) and so they came to investigate. I have since concluded that Methylene was having one of her usual spaz attacks and collided with the enormous stuffed duck Kem got for her birthday. The motion detector has never cared about Methyl before, but I think that Methyl plus the stuffed duck equaled house alarm. How boring.

After a brief period of me treating Twitter like Facebook (I don't know you? I block you!) it occurred to me that Twitter is more of a public blog than a private Facebook wall-to-wall. Duh. Sorry to the two (or three) people who tried to follow me and I promptly blocked you. Please come back! If I could remember your user names I would unblock you. Jason Calacanis is collecting followers towards a goal of 20,000 followers and then he will give a MacBook Air to one of them, or so the story goes as heard on TWiT. Calacanis used to rub me the wrong way but I've since come to respect him and his opinions. He's good at what he does, you have to give him that much. So I'm following him now and he followed me back almost right away. Given that he currently follows 16,000 of the 18,000 who follow him it's not special at all, but still. There's a chance that one of my tweets might be read by him.

I'm still hungry and I don't know what there is to eat. I wish I could just insert a feeding tube into my stomach and fill it with a balanced meal in less than 30 seconds. That would be marvelous.

Also, tags? Who uses tags on their entries? How is it different than categories and why is it necessary? Please enlighten me.


  1. You are so funny with your twittering, I actually miss it and maybe I should get back on there.....we could twit! I was annoyed by all the oddballs who added me, and was blocking over 100 of them. When you say it as a public thing, well that just makes sense!

  2. Yeah, it pretty much was the perfect goodbye. He even let me pat his ears--first time in seventeen years, and he saved it for our last day. And the way he just turned and walked away...I patted his rump as he went by, and he never broke stride. If there had been a bright red sunset for him to walk into, really, that would have been the only thing to make it more...apocryphal, I think is the word I want.And hey? Thanks for reading it.

  3. Last night my cousin and I attempted to grill out on our own. The men were watching some, "really awesome and important," basketball game. We decided we could conquer the 8 knobbed gas grill all by ourselves. Wrong, very wrong! We turned the gas on, I threw the match into the grill, and BOOM! Apparently you don't have to have all the knobs on to light it. Well, this explosion, mixed with a huge flame, caused the smoke alarm INSIDE the house to go off...! It wouldn't stop blaring, I had to think of your previous post and laugh. We did, however, manage to grill some mighty fine tastin' chicken! :)

  4. Hmmm... Maybe the difference is scope: one is meant to be generic and public, and one is meant to be specific to your blog.Just a guess.

  5. What, are you saying I have a small mind? =)I think I see tags as more of a generic label. If I were to tag a photo in flickr, for example, I might use, 'girl, flower, backyard, sunny, hammock' (but I never do because who has the time for that?) I think the "life" tag is pointless because every single entry would be tagged under "life." I know some people tag in order to increase intrest or traffic to their site (via tag surfers) but I don't have the time.I use categories for more specific areas which I know I'll blog about more than once instead of tagging out every detail like I might be more inclined to do with a photo.I use gmail labels the same way.It came to mind because now Wordpress has a place to check categories AND tags relating to the same post.

  6. Tags and categories are the same thing. The only difference is that apparently Wordpress didn't think that their users could wrap their minds around the concept of "tags" if it was called that, and so they renamed it "categories". Same thing with Gmail and "labels".Branding/marketing/user-friendliness aside, they're called" rel="nofollow">tags.