Friday, April 25, 2008

The eyes have it.


This is exactly why I am working so hard on teaching Kem the correct way to interact with pets, including her own. She's really good for the most part, but not everyone's 105-pound German Shepherd is going to be this patient and tolerant of a sharp, baby-fingered eyeball massage. TBird looks dead and I'm really shocked he let her do this to him more than once without getting up and moving. He was fully aware and fully accepting of the abuse (I think he's been desensitized by a certain dog named Mabel.) Lest you think I was just standing by letting such inexcusable abuse occur and encouraging it by taking pictures, I wasn't. Well, I did take the picture but right before this they were being all cute and sweet. (So which picture makes it to the blog? Not the cute and sweet one!)


  1. (Oops, maybe not.)Anyway, poor doggie eye.

  2. Holy cow! Your blog knows my smiley! That's awesome! ':)

  3. Ooh, your blog already knows me! How cool! And creepy!ANYway... about your singing advice: I get what you're saying, and I agree that it was foolish to pick that kind of song from the outset when they don't know my voice, but in this case, the original singer sang it that way, which is why I sang it that way. (I didn't think of it as "swooping" so much as... I forgot what they call those, you see them in orchestral arrangements all the time... slurs? Like a tiny sixteenth note joined with a curvy line to a larger eighth note or whatever. There's a proper term for it, I just don't remember what it is...)