Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dwain the bathtub!

Part of my lip is numb and has been for much of the afternoon. Is someone trying to poison me? Why else would my lip feel numb?

So this morning my plan was to arise early and have a semi-balanced breakfast before carting the kid off to daycare at... 5:15 AM. Of course this morning I open my eyes at 5:13 AM. BLAST! Thankfully I got everything ready and took my shower the night before so all I had to do was throw on my clothes, put a coat and shoes on Kem and we were out the door seven minutes later. I kid you not. My breakfast plans disintegrated into an ultimate breakfast sandwich and hash browns (mmMMMMmm) from Jack in the Box, and, although it was delicious in the moment I've regretted it throughout the day. Grease. It's not what's for breakfast.

I had this brilliant idea tonight while giving Kem a bath. Why doesn't someone rig it so you can use your old bathwater to water your plants? ORRRRRR, why not re-route everything that goes down the bathroom sink and tub drains? I guess that shampoo and conditioner and soap and toothpaste could potentially harm the environment. Why not set up a valve then? I give Kem a bath nearly every night and use very little soap. I'm sure her bathwater wouldn't be an issue at all. My rose bushes would be grateful to receive it, especially when it's 310 degrees outside. I must discuss this with Superman. He re-plumbed the entire house so I'm sure a little valve and an alternate drain wouldn't be a problem at all. I wonder if it's up to code. Ha! Check it out! Google is my friend. So my idea isn't brilliant, or original (I kinda suspected) but hey, I think it's worth a try! I already use biodegradable laundry detergent. I wonder how expensive biodegradable soap/shampoo/toothpaste/cleaning chemicals are. (Arizona Bams, I expect you already are quite informed on these types of issues - please share your wisdom!)

Ever since the great Fire Alarm Event of '08 I've been more than a little hesitant to use the oven. This rather dampens my fresh inspiration to follow a weekly menu and regularly freeze portions to thaw for lunches or when we need a quick dinner. I've talked about this before but for whatever reason haven't ever sat down and planned it all out and then carried through with it. I'd like to invent at least four weeks of healthy meals with their corresponding shopping lists and then cycle through them. Orderliness and efficiency appeal to me because I get absolutely no joy out of food preparation. The faster I can get it done the better. I still want to be budget and health conscious, though, which necessitates the plan-ahead factor. When everyone's hungry and I have absolutely nothing in the kitchen to prepare (or everything takes too long) I've found myself resorting to Costco dogs more often than is a good idea. So tell me what you do for meals! What works for you? Any tips or tricks you can share? I'm all ears.

What? I just got a phone call from a self-proclaimed "professional fund-raiser" at 8:51 PM? Are you kidding me? What is this world coming to!?!


  1. Popular Mechanics had plans for a system that stores grey water from the sink and uses it to flush the toilets.

  2. Hmm... well I know that baking soda (which I use to cleanse my hair) would be safe. =) We haven't ventured into the realm of biodegradable soaps, though I am definitely interested! I use California Baby (it's both a shampoo and body wash) on Shea, which I'm pretty sure is biodegradable. It is a little spendy, though seems to last a long time. I'm not a good menu planner. Like you, it has been a goal of mine for a long time though I never REALLY get around to it. Maybe for a week or two. I love this site: thepioneerwoman.com/cookingNot everything is fast, though it looks yummy! One of my friends had the idea to do a meal exchange (between four of us), which we are trying out tomorrow. We each made two freezable entrees that we will swap with each other. While it was a little labor intensive to make a bunch of meals at once, I think it will pay off as I will have a week's worth of meals in the freezer! Plus I think we are saving some money... most came to around $5/family, which isn't too bad in my book. Might be worth trying if you have some friends that are interested!How's that for the world's longest comment? Oh, and MMmmmmm, Costco dogs.

  3. I'm a menu planner. I do the planning and the shopping, then the cooking. I like to do a lot of crock pot cooking. I also do things that I can throw together the evening before, then actually throw in the oven when we are hungry. http://www.queenoframbles.com/kitchen/ has a lot of my favorite recipes. We are also big freezers of leftovers.