Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well I still can't decide on which header I want so I've been trying different ones. I wish they were at a higher resolution.

We seem to be having a heat wave. Actually it really isn't much of a heat wave at only the mid-eighties but it's a reminder of what's to come. Doesn't seem too long ago that I was shivering beneath a stack of blankets. Life is lived at the extremes when you don't have central air or heat. We'll install the window AC unit soon, but I'm not looking forward to being cooped up in just one room for the majority of the day/evening. Could be worse though, could be a lot worse.

Superman and I have watched the first four episodes of the first season of Gilmore Girls. I think our official response so far is, "eh." I don't think real life would happen that way but for scripted life it's pretty interesting. I think we'll continue to watch. Please no one ruin it! (Not that you would, I just have to remind you.)

I try not to gush about my daughter on here but I'm just so impressed. I've never really been around any other kid who's growing up this fast (like they all do) so I'm sure it's all normal stuff as far as development goes but WOW. Do they ever learn quickly. It seems like every day I notice she's learned something new; I see her do something I've never seen her do before. Tonight I held her on my lap while she drank her bottle and every time Superman would come into the front room to lay out things he wanted to take back to the academy Kem would tilt her head so she could see him, take her bottle out of her mouth and giggle. Then she put the bottle back and continued to snuggle with me until a few minutes later when Superman came out again. We tell her to do simple things (take this to Daddy, go get your bear, sit down please) and she does exactly what we ask.

I think she's playing with me, though. It's like a game for us now. I ask, "can you say Mommy?" (I want to hear it at least SOME of the time! She knows it.) and she instantly replies with a teasing, "DA-DEEE!" She loves her Daddy, that is for sure. I'm really glad we're able to see Superman at least once a week. Some cadets who live farther away don't have the privilege of coming home so frequently.

I almost just went to bed instead of posting but this is part of my new resolution to try and write every day, regardless. Hopefully I'll get better with practice. (Yes, Dad.)


  1. FPU has converted me into a Gilmore Girls fan. I definitely not label myself as a diehard fan, but I appreciate a show that does not revolve around girls gossipping, obsessing about clothes, and breaking boys' hearts. =) And I like the quirky sense of humor.

  2. I'm a gilmore girls fan too but now whenever I watch it a practical voice says in my head. "This would never happen in the real world, It is highly unrealistic, This show is full of one-liners, This show is horrible!" (Thanks Dan)...Also it is so hard not to ruin it for you, but I will bite my tongue (figuratively)

  3. Well... notice I said "write." I didn't specify that it was going to be on a blog, necessarily... but hopefully more posts will result. (Typing is quicker than handwriting by far.)

  4. Does this truly mean we can expect a post-a-day?? With pictures maybe? Yahoo, how good can it get!!! Just keep in mind: A day without a post, is like a day without sunshine. Or something like that.

  5. Of course it's not like real life--it's a WB show! I told you, you have to suspend your disbelief, you with all your predictions about how movies will end and doubts about plausibility, or you won't enjoy it. My favorite seasons are the second and third, but you'll probably figure out why pretty quickly. :)