Sunday, April 6, 2008

Co-what now?

This book has enlightened my perspective of every single one of my relationships as well as every single area of my life in a phenomenal way - more so than any other book I've ever read. It describes much of 'me' at my very core and has put words and explanations to things I have had difficulty expressing my whole entire life. I nodded so violently all the way through the book I'm surprised my head still sits on my shoulders.

Hi, I'm Beck, and I'm a codependent.

(go ahead. say it.)

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  1. RYN: I know, right? Coco's the most harmless little bunny ever! And while I didn't witness this attack, I have seen some others. Lucy gets this look about her and charges, and Coco ducks her head and tucks her tail and tries to slink out of the way, not making eye-contact or anything, and WHAM, the Lucy-hurricane hits her! 'Tupid Lucy. And Coco has the prettiest, softest, most smoochable long fuzzy ears, too. I will soooo not miss Evil Lucy when we get moved!Can you tell I'm still a little huffy about the whole thing? Crazy-ass blue-eyed heeler-type. She even went after Loki the 90-lb. Lab the other day. She's nuts, I tell you. *huff, huff*