Wednesday, April 23, 2008

60,000 served

"Our little girl is so big!" Superman bragged to me on the way home from the transmission shop.

Yes, I know she is. Just today she was somehow able to reach up to the counter and handily remove a knife (I know!) I had unthinkingly left there. Yikes. Since when was she that tall? Since today. And she'll never be this small again. Also? That child loves to climb. Climb climb climb. Climb? Climb. I was not aware I had to baby proof my house above, well, "baby" eye-level. No one said anything to me about climbing babies. Climbing babies can and will get anywhere. I'm trying to stay firm and consistent regarding rules about what is acceptable to climb (chairs to an extent) and what is not (the oven door) but oh my word is it ever tiring. Also, she has two upper molars and didn't even tell me about them! Both are completely through the gums. How I missed this I have no idea. I happened to see them while she was laughing otherwise I wouldn't have known.

The van is at the tranny shop again. Fortunately its illness doesn't render it completely undrivable, so Superman has been driving it to and from the academy. Last time the shop was able to fix it but I am not so hopeful this time around. I could have driven Superman back to the academy and dropped him off but it's late and I was tired so I decided to just be car-less. Church is close and that's the only place I really have to be.

Regarding Gilmore Girls: I think every girl wants a Luke or a Gilbert Blithe type of guy in her life. I know I did. I don't know if I actually had one or not though. I think the whole point is that we're somewhat clueless about it. Also, our lives aren't a movie or TV show or fiction book so perhaps the Lukes and Gils exist only in those settings. Hmmm. I wonder how often Anne and Gilbert happens in real life? Speaking of GG, it's so ridiculously predictable that even Superman is saying lines before they're said. Now I get to hassle him for "ruining it" for a change! (Still don't want spoilers, so don't please!)

One of you was probably the 60,000th visitor to this blog. I wonder how many cumulative hits I've had over the entire course of my blogging life (beginning back in 2000.) Anyhow, wheeeee! And, wow I've been writing for a long time.


  1. I'm not at all surprised that you have a climbing baby, considering the climbing genes embedded in your side of the family (I have a vague impression that the first time I met LL, she was literally climbing up the walls of your house). I always felt so bad for Gilbert...he made one mistake when he was, like, 12, and Anne made him pay for it for the next decade.

  2. "Oh, Gilbert! I don't want sunbursts, or marble halls... I just want you!"Yeah, I've watched that a bit too many times for a male. It's probably damaged me in some way. I'm curious as to exactly what criteria you would set forth for judging whether someone is a "Gilbert Blithe".

  3. I remember when your blogs used to be about science labs and the bug job in undergrad :)