Friday, March 21, 2008

You all seem to read me most on Thursdays.

At least that's what my blog stats are telling me. Why Thursday?

I wonder how many readers I'd lose if I were to adjust my feed settings to stop sending the entire entry, and just the first few lines instead. More site visits as a result or less? The two people I follow who do this (*ahem*Leah*ahem*SAJ*) are certainly worth the extra step of clicking out of my feed reader and onto their actual site. But if all my feeds were like that I wouldn't be a happy camper at all. I can hardly believe I ever used to refresh my favorite blogs obsessively, hoping they had updated NOW. Or NOW. Or NOW. Or maybe if I just keep hitting refresh they will have updated.... NOW. Thank goodness for RSS.

Also, Kem has a fever of 101.5 and has been asleep most of the day. Poor, poor girl. She's completely miserable with a runny nose, too. All she wants to do is snuggle and rest her head on my shoulder which I absolutely LOVE, but I really wish she would feel better. It's rough being a sick baby. I wish she could tell me what I could do to make her feel better. More clothes? Less? Does me patting your back like this make your tummy hurt? Does your gurgling tummy mean you're hungry or hurting? Are you thirsty? Do you want to rock or hold still? Sick babies are so heartbreaking. A few times she thought she was feeling well enough to get down and walk over to visit with the dogs but by the time she got half way across the room she had changed her mind and turned around, crying for me. She's probably all achey and sore and dizzy. This is the sickest I've ever seen her. Glad she's getting it out of her system now because it would really stink to be sick on her very first birthday (coming up on Thursday!)


  1. I hope Kem feels better soon! That was actually what I was going to come comment about on your now-defunct Facebook account--do you have any first birthday party plans? I'm torn because I would love to come visit, but I'm also kind of broke and gas prices lately make me want to throw up. Also, I don't really understand the RSS thing, so I do it old school and just check blogs/sites when I remember. Hence the not wanting to sign up for Twitter thing.

  2. There are ways of keeping track of feed subscribers. You might try FeedBurner, which I hear has nice features.Please please PLEASE don't truncate your feed. The only reason to do that is if you have to make money from advertisements, and there's no other incentive to get people to come to the site from the feed. Many sites accomplish this by having discussion forums related to each posted item, and the incentive to click through is to participate in the discussion. Comments accomplish this to a certain extent, although I imagine you have quite a few feed lurkers. I only click through when I want to comment (or to check out things you mention, like your twitter feed--which I have now subscribed to, obviating once again my need to visit the actual site except for comments).I would imagine that your true motive for posting in the first place is not to track all of us, but to communicate with us, but it's tempting to want to find out everything you can about who you're communicating with, and to engage them. There are tools to do that, and do it without annoyance.I have also subscribed to your Comments feed, which occasionally gets me to the site to respond, though it also makes it less necessary for me to visit and check for new content.

  3. Also--FEEL BETTER, KEM!

  4. Ha. I didn't even know I had a feed that actually worked...This would also explain why I (apparently) have strange settings on it as well.