Thursday, March 20, 2008


Alright alright. So I know that I've been confused about the whole point of Twitter in the past, but now we've established a fairly comfortable relationship, Twitter and I. Let me explain.

Some of you may have noticed that I have deactivated my Facebook account (and if you haven't, then I'm even more freaked out.) This is because not only am I concerned about my privacy (you can't even delete your account! only 'deactivate' and ohbytheway if you ever should want to come back to FB just log in as usual! it's like you've never been gone!) I just didn't use it enough to justify keeping it active. The single most useful feature on Facebook to me was the status updater.  Walls are fine, I suppose, but not a very efficient way to communicate (email, text or phone! there are so many other options!) and besides, I found myself eavesdropping on far too many wall-to-walls for no good reason at all.

I grew to like the status updater, especially after they dropped the 'is.' (It was about time!) Now that I have my pink palm centro at hand throughout the day it's become even more easy to drop a quick line about what's on my mind or what I encounter. Not significant enough for a full blog post but still interesting enough for my friends to follow. Example: "just teared up reading Guess How Much I Love You. Again." See? A whole blog post on that would be boring, but that single line gives you an idea of where I'm at, and something to respond to if you felt like it. Micro-blogging, it's been called.

After I added the Twitter feed to my blog (see top of right-hand column) I saw no need to continue my Facebook account. However (and this is where you come in) now I'm missing out on all of YOUR updates (and you're missing out on mine, you poor thing) so go to Twitter! Sign up! Follow me (superbeck) and I'll follow you.

Also, I've looked into Pownce and Jaiku but they confuse me. Check back in a few months and I'm sure I'll be packing up and moving to one of them. Probably Jaiku, since Google recently acquired them. If there was any easy way to be web omnipresent, I would. The key is to be where all your friends are, except you have to be happy with it too (which is why I never ever got along with MySpace.) Ha. That reminds me. Remember Xanga?

(P.S. Kem's been taking two naps a day, which explains my plethora of posts. =) )

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  1. Boo! I just went to leave you a note on Facebook and discovered this new sadness. The Twitter thing seems interesting, and I love you, but not enough to sign up so I can do the same thing I already do on Facebook and have yet another site to remember to check all the time... =P