Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunrise, sunset

All through out the day I seem to be bursting with so many things to blog about and then I get home, play with the drooling baby, feed the drooling baby, bathe the drooling baby and put the drooling baby to bed. By the time I eat and talk with Superman and sit down at the computer my brain is fried. I look at the list of topics I intended to post witty and entertaining things about and I'm just not even motivated.

I'm trying this new rule. No phone (meaning web and email; you can still call me!) or computer time while Kem is awake. Wouldn't you know I'm twenty times more productive around the house with this rule in place! I'm astonished at the number of times I catch myself wanting to pop open the laptop to "check on someting really quick, before I forget." Too often that quick check of one thing turns into a quick check of many things which turns into aimless web-surfing and time-wasting. My daughter's life is ticking away and I'm sitting behind a computer screen googling "DIY chicken coop." I don't want her first memory of me to include a computer. She already mimics me using my cell phone and she's not even a year old. I want her first memory of me to be of me looking at her, loving her. Or perhaps even better, me looking at Superman and loving him. Secret Agent Josephine's post about living in the present is a good one. Having our escape every now and then is so important to be able to function as a good, healthy mom but I've caught myself going too far into my escape and in doing so I ditch living in the present for something less fulfilling in the long run. (Although I do want chickens. Maybe 10 of them.)

So yes, I'm not always able to read quite as many blogs or leave quite as many comments as I might like but honestly, can I really get cranky about that when the alternative is to enjoy my daughter in ALLLLLL stages of her childhood? She needs a mother who is present in every aspect for as much of the time as is possible. I'll miss her so much when she's no longer a chubby-thighed little toddler with a Boo-quality laugh.


  1. either gwen or joellen (can't remember which one) used to walk around the house singing "sunrise, sunset." that phrase always makes me think of that. =)

  2. How cute! She has such a cute laugh. I just love baby laughs :-)