Saturday, March 22, 2008


Oh man. OK so this has been the pattern since Thursday night.

Kem has a fever of 100 or 101.
Kem's fever climbs to 103 and beyond which makes her absolutely miserable (shaking, whimpering, skin on FIRE, etc.) and me worried sick.
I call the advice nurse.
Kem gets a dose of Tylenol.
Kem's fever drops back to the 100 range (or lower) and she feels, looks and sounds marvelous.
Kem walks around and plays. (You can't tell a one-year-old to sit still and play quietly for longer than 30 seconds. At least not my one-year-old. She's currently pushing the piano bench around the room.)
Kem then falls asleep after much insistence that she doesn't NEED to fall asleep, because, look Mom I'm all better, Mom.
Kem sleeps for three or more hours.
Kem wakes up with a fever of 103 and we repeat.

If this pattern continues through tomorrow we'll be seeing her doctor on Monday. Happy Easter! Fortunately she has maintained her appetite and has not had any diarrhea or vomiting or coughing or signs of ear infection. Thank God. I hope and pray that neither I nor Superman, but especially Superman, will not pick up this bug from her.


  1. Happy 1st birthday to Kem!!! Hope she's feeling all better by now! :)

  2. Aww, poor Kem! Having a sick baby is the worst. I hope that she gets better soon (and that you guys stay well) so she can have a happy birthday later this week. (I can't believe our babies are turning one this spring!!) Happy Easter!