Sunday, March 16, 2008

A rest

I've been arrested five different ways and now my left arm hurts and there are faint red marks on my wrists. Apparently I am abnormally limber because Superman couldn't believe how far he could twist my arm in one of the maneuvers. He had better pass his arresting techniques test this week. During one of the felony arrests (in which I was on the floor) Kem came over and climbed on my back. When Superman took her off she proceeded to sit down and kick me in the head. Just because I'm being arrested does not mean you get to beat up on me!

Tonight in the bathtub Kem stood up and started to stroll to the other end of the tub. I looked at her and said, "Kem, please sit down." And she DID. I know it wasn't on accident because I asked her again later and she sat right away. I'm astonished at how much she can understand.

She's teething and is pretty miserable in the middle of the night most nights. I can practically feel her throbbing, aching mouth just looking at the way she holds her jaw, to say nothing of the drool. She slept so poorly last night that she went down for a nap at 9 this morning (crazy!) and since I was up with her last night and tired too I went back to bed as well! We both slept until NOON. I cannot tell you how wonderful that was. We woke up energized and refreshed. Superman brought her in to me and she burst out with giggles and smiles when she saw me. I love that.

We opened an account at today, finally. I wasn't sure if we'd each listen to a book a month or if we'd share one book a month so we're on one book a month for now. Superman is certainly the one who will take advantage of this more than I. It's way faster to read books myself instead of listen to someone else read them, but it is fun to hear a story every once in a while too.

Which reminds me, I need to sync up my iPod for work tomorrow.

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