Thursday, March 13, 2008

Polio vaccine or jail. You choose.

"Nobody has the right to unfettered liberty, and people do not have a right to endanger their kids," said John Harris, a professor of bioethics at the University of Manchester. "The parents in this case do not have any rights they can appeal to. They have obligations they are not fulfilling."

- taken from Jail for Belgians Who Reject Polio Shot from The Associated Press.

Because ultimately, the government decides what's best for your kids. Not you.

I haven't declined any of Kem's vaccines but holy cow this seems a bit extreme.  Just who exactly should determine what constitutes "endangering" children anyhow? Parents can't be trusted anymore, or can they? I had already heard about Maryland school officials forcing parents to vaccinate or face truancy charges and I'm pretty sure I'm not OK with that. But now Belgian parents being sentenced to five months in prison? Really!?! So, what, serve the sentence and then you're free to vaccinate (or not vaccinate) as you see fit? Five months per vaccination you decline? Just how far is this going to go, anyhow? I'll be interested to see what happens.


  1. *correction: the government is stepping in and they do set upSorry too many words at once...

  2. That is not a conspiracy theory. It is in fact that government that steps up the laws for child endangerment. It depends on the state you live in and their definition of endangerment which can range from all types of abuse/neglect (medical in this case) to as little as just physical abuse or neglect. However if these people were in California (I'm pretty sure) we're high up in our list of possible reasons to have your child taken away from you. Keep in mind though that they don't just take a child away. It is a long process in which more than one person has to report the abuse and then an investigation might be launched depending on each individual situation. In this one it was obviously the doctor and probably a nurse. They are bound by law to report things of this degree and so are teachers, neighbors, and other people directly and indirectly associated with children. And also know if they don't require vaccination, they could lose their jobs. Laws are becoming very strict on the subject and it makes my future job even more complicated.

  3. I may be a conspiracy theorist, but I think that the government meddles too much in people's private lives. They control our military, our infrastructure and even what our kids learn - why not let them control our health as well?!