Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I knew it.

I wasn't telling anyone that Kem actually slept through the night for the first time in months because I was sure I'd ruin the trend as soon as I did. The fact that I'm telling you now doesn't matter because it didn't turn out to be a trend. Or it was a two-night trend. Still, those two nights of mostly continuous sleep were aaaamaaaaazing. I say mostly continuous because Kem did wake up 1 or 2 times and made a few cranky, sleepy noises that I heard over the monitor (which STILL jolted this tired mother out of a dead sleep), but she fell back asleep within 5 to 10 minutes on her own.

I was just beginning to wonder how long this has been possible. I've been getting up to nurse at first fuss because last I checked that is what it'd all boil down to in the end. Several weeks ago there was no crying it out, or rocking or patting  or singing back to sleep. It was all about the boob. (Also, she's growing like a WEED, so I just figured she needed the night time calories (goodness knows I should be getting them too...)) The sooner I nurse the sooner we can all get back to bed which results in more sleep for everyone. Especially since Superman is gone 5 nights of the week, more sleep is definitely worth the price of getting up to nurse. We're usually done in less than 10 minutes, max. But what if she's been capable of fussing herself back asleep for a while now and since I'm all trained to nurse it's gone undiscovered until now? I could possibly have missed out on weeks of uninterrupted slumber!

But like I said none of this matters anymore because LAST night was awful. We were awake from 12:30 to 1:30.  She was absolutely beside herself. Screams. Tears. Flailing. She sometimes calmed down temporarily on my shoulder as I walked from room to room, trying to hum/sing even though I had to get up to face a ten-hour work day at 4:30. After an hour of not knowing what on earth to do she finally went down after nursing. I wish she could have told me what was going on. She seemed to panic each time I tried to put her in the crib... which is very unusual for her and so heartbreaking for me. Motherhood is so hard sometimes; it's so hard to know if what you're doing is right. I guess that's why no two babies are the same... and why each Mom is the expert on their own children.

Today Ms. L said she had two strange poopy diapers and she has been chewing on her fingers recently, so maybe its time for another tooth. She went down like a rock tonight so I hope it sticks all night long.


My beloved camera might be giving up the ghost (which is great, because I'm so ready for a Canon TX-1!) I got an E30 error message while using it the other day (haven't had time to research it) and I suspect it has something to do with dead batteries, but I'm not sure. I do know that as a result at least one file on the camera is corrupted and maybe because of that the camera and my computer aren't interested in communicating. I suppose the next thing to do is take it in to Best Buy. I have never been so happy to have purchased the extended warranty. It's been so worth it for this camera.


In other news my weight is finally back in the acceptable realm. It's about time! Ideally I should probably weigh ten pounds more, but given my metabolism and genetics I doubt this is a realistic goal. Now to get into an exercise regime.


Speaking of exercising, the dogs and I continue to battle over the backyard boundaries. TBird dug/pushed his way past our (feeble, large, cement-block) barricades on Friday and was returned along with Jackson to the yard by a kind humane animal services officer. The officer then proceeded to use an even feebler barricade to close off the weakened chain link and was somewhat astonished to discover the dogs exactly where he had found them the first time within 20 minutes of leaving them 'safe and secure' in our backyard. He underestimates the power of TBird's sneakiness. He then proceeded to load them both into his truck and was about to drive away when I came home.  Thankfully he issued only a warning and was suitably impressed to hear that TBird's strength knows very few bounds (whole, new fence boards not being one of them.) He agreed with me that crating or tying the dogs isn't ideal (especially while I'm gone at work.) For now it looks as though Superman's chain link replacement section is holding up. I have my doubts about the sturdiness of our other (wooden) gate but so far the dogs have allowed us to win this one. I suspect that if both dogs (but TBird especially) were taken on walks or runs on a more regular basis their desire to escape would be greatly reduced. Perhaps Kem needs a jogging stroller for her birthday. That, or a dog sled. I just pictured a cute little toddler lisping "MUSH!" to her dogs while waving her arms emphatically at the dogs, who are standing around looking fondly at their little human even if they don't understand a word she says. And so I'll leave you with that mental image... =)

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  1. lainey345@yahoo.comMarch 4, 2008 at 8:23 PM

    We had a blissful two weeks of sleeping through the night (I didn't tell anyone either for the same reasons as you!) and it just came to an end too. I had been so sure we were finally past the night feedings. Bleh! Three nights in a row Maddy's been up at 2:30 or 3am to eat. I don't mind THAT much but I can't shake the feeling that I'm 'training' her to eat at night. I'm going to let it go one for another few months and TRY not to beat myself up over it. Maddy's also getting about 10 teeth at once...that's not helping either! Here's hoping both our girls decide to start a new, good trend sometime soon!