Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clean bill of ONE!


Kem got an Easter card in the mail from her Grammie and Grampy and so we sat down and read it together. They sent a dollar bill along with the card and Kem was happy to walk off with it, talking as she waved it around. Fast forward to that night as I cleaned up the mud room and got ready to wash a load of laundry. My child is a money launderer!
Speaking of laundry; anyone want a cat? (She's very good about getting cat hair on your laundry.) Superman has been trying to pawn her off on any visitor who expresses any sort of love towards the Methyl-cat for a while now.  She's very easy to love and is utterly fantastic with Kem - way better than I expected her to be. Recently, though, she's been driving even me nuts. She's always trying to get up on the counters or table where she KNOWS she is not allowed. She explodes in skittery bursts of energy, dashing around the house swiping at whatever she runs into. She hunkers down by the door, waiting for the exact moment my arms are full or I'm holding Kem and then dashes outside to roll in the dirt, loping down the street turning a deaf ear as I holler after her. This probably all due to spring fever but as I said, it's making me crazy. I would totally give her away tomorrow, as long as I knew and trusted that she would be well-loved and cared for. For all her quirks and craziness she is a lovable purr-head after all.

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  1. If we didn't already have two flea-ridden cats, I would adopt Methyl because she's so loving and friendly. And she would fit right in with the naming scheme (Max and Merlin). But I'm seriously being eaten alive by fleas--I actually started CRYING the other night because I was so frustrated and so sick of being itchy. I do wish I could help though, love that cat.