Friday, January 4, 2008


I wore the wrong jacket to work this morning. No hood, no waterproof exterior, just lots of Old Navy performance fleece perfect for soaking up the gallons of rain that dumped over me each time I set foot outside. Fortunately I spent most of the 12 hours at work inside. I have worked on Saturday for the past two weeks but thankfully I won't need to return to work tomorrow thank GOD. I had a lot to do today beFORE the power surges and running off the emergency back-up generator and the general hubbub that occurs as a result of abnormal circumstances. Additionally, lots of other little things decided to happen today which took even MORE of my already-precious time. I'm tired. I'm so ready to return to a part time schedule.

Kate has grown so much in these past three weeks I've been working. The noises and talking sounds she makes are so cute; she is such an interactive baby. It's nice that she is able to have this extra bonding time with Superman before he leaves. When he was laid off shortly before Christmas I returned to full-time work right away and he stayed home to be Mr. Mom. He's done a fantastic job.

What's this about Superman leaving, you ask? Oh that. He has been invited to attend the California Highway Patrol Academy beginning this Monday. It is a 6-month live-in academy. He will be allowed to return home on weekends (thank goodness!) He's (we've) had to undergo a rather extensive application process that began roughly nine months ago. They certainly leave no leaf uncovered, I'll tell you that much. We decided to pursue the CHP route because of the flexibility (work anywhere in the state! as opposed to a city police officer...) and there are many very cool job assignments. The academy is similar to a military boot camp so we're in for a tough and challenging 6 months. Graduation date is July 11th. Please join me in counting down.

Becoming an officer has always been one of Superman's desires and so now the time has come for him to put his 1.5 years of law enforcement classes to work. He was willing to give up pursuit of this dream (to ultimately become a Physical Security Specialist for the Secret Service) in order to have a wife and family. He didn't want to put a family through the worry/stress and unknowns that such a job entails.

Awwww. Did I marry the right guy or what? I totally would have married him regardless, though, he knows that. And now I'm encouraging him to get out there again. But not to become a federal agent - that's a bit much. I think he loves this career prospect even more than he loves building. And that shocks me because he loves building a LOT. Almost as much as he loves me.

SO. Now ya'll know about that. And now I'm going to fall into my bed and close my eyes for a very very very long time.

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