Saturday, January 12, 2008

Week one done

Well. My cadet has returned home for the weekend and, oh my lands, he lost roughly ten pounds in the first week. With only two days of PT. He is sore all over, his upper body in particular (I always did say he has legs of steel) and so the lovely aroma of BenGay now permeates throughout the house. I had a stack of things to put up in the attic that I needed his help with but I fear even that would cause his arms to fall off. When we haven't been running errands to pick up various odds and ends he needs for the academy he's been studying. I've made more flashcards. He has two tests on Monday. I am so glad I don't have to know all the info he does before Monday. If they keep up this pace with the tests it'll be like a continuous finals week, except each day you run for miles in the freezing cold dark and do fifty billion push-ups and sit-ups. I shall never become a CHP officer. That is for sure. He showed me how to do all the PT exercises and I think the only one I could complete with proper form was a jumping jack. Sad sad sad.

Kate's new nickname is Super Soaker. After about a month-long hiatus from cloth diapering I've returned to them today. She's completely outgrown the Blue Dogs (they still fit around her but the fit is very poor) and I believe it would take 3 pre-folds to keep her comfortable. I remember thinking that the pre-folds were so thick and absorbent. HA! They look so puny now. Gone are the days of a single pre-fold with a cover! She pees! Where does all the pee come from?! (Don't answer that - I know.) I checked her diaper roughly every hour and have found it wet every time without exception. She took a two-hour nap this afternoon (her only nap today) during which I gave our nighttime diapering system a test drive. She woke up and the diaper was nearly wet to capacity. After two hours! (Looove the Happy Hempy's though.) In my opinion the Thirsties Fab Fitted are pretty fabulous. I have some older Thirsties too, with snap closures and I think I still do prefer snap closures to the velcro. Gotta save my money though, or look for sales. Those things aren't cheap.

I'm interested to see how all this will hold up and work for our future babies. It would be pretty darn rotten indeed if I had some super-skinny kid next, because all my diapers fit best on chubby-thighed and waisted babies. Kate got all Superman's size genes though so I guess it makes sense that the skinny kid with my genes would be next. Naturally.

Got to keep the laundry going and make some attempt at tidying (I hate that word) up the house before I go to bed.

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