Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Still not dog-proof

Apparently I'm not allowed to go on walks without a dog or two. Kate and I left on a quick stroll to mail some things and drop off a movie. We made it clear to both eagerly waiting dogs that they were NOT invited. It was bitterly cold (ok only 50 degrees, so I'm a wuss) but the walk was fun and kept the teething fussing at bay. As we rounded the last corner what did I see but two panting dogs trotting down the street to meet us. T-Bird was especially proud and excited to have found us because now, NOW we could resume the walk the way it was meant to be - escorted by two dogs! Sadly for them I shooed them inside and inspected the yard for an escape route. One of the holes under the fence has gotten too big (the dirt is way soft because of the rain and it's almost pointless to fill it in again because they'll dig it right back out with two swipes of a massive paw) and so I've taken two 12" concrete pavers and stuffed it down there in such a way as to block an aspiring escapee. Or so I thought until today when the aspiring escapee (T-Bird) realized he could move twelve-inch square pavers out of the way with his paws. Boy was he proud of himself. Even I am left somewhat impressed and even more irritated at their ingenuity. I would much rather have smart dogs than stupid dogs but come ON. Now they're just showing off.

Kate took two 2-hour naps today which is quite unusual. I think it's a combination of the two long days at the new daycare plus teething is back (groaaaaan.) I continue to be utterly impressed by her balance and strength. Tonight during her bath she crawled around and stood up several times (not unusual) but then she stood up while holding a toy, dropped the toy back into the water, bent over and squatted down (without moving her feet or touching her hands to the ground), reached out and picked the floating toy up and then stood back up, all in a slippery bathtub.  Also, earlier today as I walked by the counter with her in my arms she snagged a pint glass off the counter with one hand. And continued to hold it there with one hand until I took it from her.


  1. Woo-hoo!!! She is motoring along!! How exciting! And about your dogs, grrr, I would not cope well, how do you do it?The house, the dogs a job and a kid, you are amazing! Oh, and a husband too of course, but hopefully he lessens the burden:)

  2. WOW! I'm impressed. I wanna see her. Now I'm having anxiety to see Becca's daughter. I love this girl stuff!