Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pen in hand

Superman says he feels settled in at the academy. Things are evening out and falling into a regular schedule.  He's even enjoying it. Perchance he was made for the job?


While at work I normally am in possession of a brick of Post-It notes on which to scribble various bits of info that I need to remember or record. I listen to my iPod for most of the work day and I'll run across things that are blog-worthy, that I want to research more, that I want to write about, that I want to tell so-and-so about, etc.. Each time that happens I scribble an abbreviated version on a Post-It note and transfer the note into a different pocket on my scrubs - my 'take home' pocket. From there they go into my purse. My purse has a carpet of Post-It notes littering it's bottom and you'll notice that not very many blog posts have resulted.

Today I began carrying a small spiral-bound notebook instead and boy does it work much better! Everything is entered chronologically so everything stays in order and there are no sticky backs to deal with. I like it.

I'm trying to figure out what this says about myself, this need to carry paper and pen with me. I wouldn't classify myself as 'writer' because I don't take it seriously at all. Perhaps a documenter? This would fit with my interest in taking pictures. You won't find me spending hours carefully crafting an essay or article, especially now that I'm a mother. I spend very little time considering how to improve my writing. I don't care about spelling or grammar; if I don't have time to make something sound "just right" well then it won't sound "just right" - it's more important that the words make it to the page (screen.) I can't go very long without writing in some form. Sometimes as I'm falling asleep or completely out of the blue a particular arrangement of words will come to me, or the perfect beginning of a real-life story and I have to turn on the light and write it down before I lose it. I guess I'm just a half-hearted writer. I have never had any desire to write a book or even an article for any sort of publication. I have no idea why I write or what drives me to do it. I just do. And today, I was feeling smug and content with a neat and clean spiral notebook, just waiting to be filled. I'm already five pages in.


  1. I have finally submitted to referring to myself as a writer, though applying for an MFA helped a lot with that. As for the notebook...they are the best. I keep a number of them all over just in case.

  2. My two cents: In our culture we tend to mystify writing and writers. We see the process as occult, unobtainable to the uninitiated. What are writers if not "documenters" of the human experience? If you're driven to write, you're a writer. (Sorry, I think I just reverted back to my life as an English major)

  3. I know exactly the feeling, says the smug-smiling non-writer over here too.