Thursday, January 17, 2008

Needle? What needle?

No matter how clean and baby-ready I believe the kitchen floor to be Kate will crawl directly to the (previously non-existent! I swear!) small piece of plastic grocery bag and begin to put it in her mouth. Or a small section of toothpick that I've never seen before. Or a tiny clump of dirt brought in by the dogs that escaped my notice. HOW does she do this!? If you need to test a floor for cleanliness, I've got a baby for you.

This morning we went to the doctor to get Kate's blood drawn for the first time ever. When it was our turn the nurse flagged down a co-worker to assist her. I was prepared for the worst but, knowing that Kate didn't cry at all during the last time she got a shot, was optimistic too. They put the tourniquet on her tiny little arm and started to feel around for a vein. Kate remained still and quiet, watching the preparation. I tried to distract her by pointing out some of the colors on the chair and the nurse's scrubs but she would have none of it and continued to watch what they were doing to her arm. She squirmed briefly only once, because she was tired of sitting still and didn't even move as the needle went in. La de da. It was like she had blood drawn every day. Yawn. Is it lunch time now Mom?
There will come a day when this will NOT typify her reaction to needles and until that day comes I'm enjoying the stoic baby!

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