Monday, January 21, 2008


The baby, she is not napping. OK, well she slept for about 45 minutes and then woke up with a poopy diaper. I changed her, nursed, put her back down and she has been sitting in her crib talking to herself and playing with her blankets for the past 45 minutes. Wide awake and cheery as anything. At least she's cheery. I keep hoping she'll wind down after just a little bit longer but at this point I doubt she will.

FYI, I'm changing her blog name to Kem. I'm still just a little leery of putting too much identifying information online for any public eye to see. I've moved her photo website again (sorry... sorry...) so if you want that info please leave a comment (with your email address.)

Kem (who?!?) took 2-3 unassisted steps yesterday and again today with much cheering and encouragement from her father and I. She seems to have done it only for our enjoyment as she otherwise shows no interest at all in walking anywhere. She steps across the play pen or from couch to couch but other than that crawling is just fine, thanks.

I have been giving her small bits of table food which she neither likes nor dislikes. She does not like the Gerber 3 food I give her, presumably due to it's texture and having to CHEW. What a bother, chewing. I'm using up some old pureed food that I feed her along with the textured food and she quickly noticed the different containers. When I offered her a spoonful from the Gerber 3 jar she refused to open her mouth. When I offered her a spoonful from the pureed-food box she opened her mouth wide and waved her arms in excited anticipation. Ha HAA, baby, you're not the only smart one! I put both food containers behind a barrier so she couldn't see which one a particular spoonful came from and that ended the closed mouth battle. It also made for some pretty hilarious faces when she tasted the food she did NOT intend on eating!

It's easy to get stuck in a rut and thereby influence your baby's preference without even realizing it. I have served her room temperature food up until now because it's a hassle to warm it up and then make sure it's not too hot, plus, I didn't want her to refuse to eat if we couldn't heat up her food for some reason. Well, now it seems she doesn't LIKE warm food. Great. Get her used to variety! In everything! That's my new motto.

Today she has repeatedly crawled away from me as if about to be busy with something else and then suddenly turned around and excitedly crawled as fast as she could back into my arms/lap. I scoop her up and she laughs and smiles and pushes into me, arms wide in a baby hug. It's her new game and I love it. I'll always be here for you, little girl.


  1. Hi Becky,Please send me the website for K's pix and also is the Vimeo thing easy. Since we're both on Macs, I'm thinking that's a good way for me to do my mpegs.Love to you all!

  2. lainey345@yahoo.comJanuary 21, 2008 at 5:47 PM

    Maddy is not a fan of the chunkier textures either. You should see the carrying on she does when I dare give her something chunky and slimey (chunky and dry = no problem at all, shredded chicken is the bees knees!)...sometimes I think she's going to make herself vomit!

  3. Ditto.Also, have you thought about the possible consequences of this blog alias? What I mean is, are you OK with the possibility that it becomes her nickname because so many people come to think of her as Kem? Are you actively promoting it? Actively discouraging it?

  4. New picture website please.