Friday, January 25, 2008

I blank.

I like: to eat lots of raw fish any time I'm given the opportunity.

I think: minivans are pretty wonderful. Especially the Toyota Sienna.

I know: how to keep my baby happy.

I have: WAY too much.

I hate: the act of abortion (not the people involved.)

I don't: weigh as much as I should.

I can't: use my oven without the highly-sensitive smoke alarm having a fit. The food is fine.

I can: eat a foot-long subway sandwich in one sitting.

I will: probably dye my hair back to blond.

I won't: dye my hair again after that. Probably.

I miss: playing volleyball at Balboa Beach.

I fear: that we bit off more than we could chew when it comes to remodeling our house.

I feel: cold.

I hear: the rain.

I smell: wet dogs.

I crave: sushi. Duh.

I wonder: why health insurance has to be so complicated. Give me simple answers in terms I understand, please!

I regret: going to college away from home.

I love: watching my husband be a daddy.

I dream: of super things with my super man.

I long: for central heat.

I care: even if it's not as obvious as you would like.

I always: wanted an older brother.

I am not: grown up yet.

I believe: my daughter is teething.

I sing: in harmony.

I smile: sincerely.

I laugh: whenever Kem tries to climb over T-Bird.

I collect: history in the form of true stories, written or spoken.

I play: the piano rather poorly.

I write: every single day.

I await: patiently for a new camera.

I cook: scientifically.

I trust: my child care provider.

I intend: to make meat loaf as soon as I post this entry.

I search: for the perfect coat and the perfect pen.

I look: outside to make sure the dogs are in their dog houses when it rains.

I shout: at the dogs when they are inexplicably lying in the mud instead.

I whisper: so as not to wake the baby.

I conquer: writers block.

I listen: far less often than I should.

I ignore: professional sports.

I live: because He lives. (I Corinthians 15:12-14)


  1. I would fourth it, but that would be too many hits.

  2. "I miss: playing volleyball at Balboa Beach."I can 3rd that one...

  3. "I miss: playing volleyball at Balboa Beach."ME TOO!

  4. Are you getting the TX1? We can be TX1 buddies it will be glorious!

  5. Just wondering about your search for the 'perfect coat.' It started when you were in high school?