Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Contact has been made

My goodness. My computer just spoke to me completely unbidden. I had just finished creating a mailing list for those of you who want a periodic update on life as a cadet in the CHP academy (if you want to be added let me know) when my computer suddenly requested, clear as day, "please type your message in the text box so I can say it." Um. WHAT!? I scanned the screen for some advertising avatar but saw nothing out of the ordinary. What text box? Where? I didn't see anything. So I just left it at that. Creepy.

Superman actually called tonight and we got to talk for 20 minutes or so. He says he'll probably get to call tomorrow night as well! I was completely expecting to hear nothing until Friday so that was a nice treat. Thankfully their first day of PT isn't until Thursday AM so he hasn't been running endless miles in the freezing cold rain. Yet. Hopefully he'll be able to recover a little more from his cough before then. I forgot to ask about the food and how many hours of sleep he's getting.

The van continues to lurch (only before it's warmed up) and so I'll have to take it back to the shop. I sure hope they'll look it over and say, "Ah! All you need is this ridiculously cheap part and you'll be good for another 50,000 miles! It isn't your transmission giving out after all!"

I think Kate's been having night terrors. Last night one time she woke up she was virtually inconsolable (only nursing calmed her.) When I picked her up, held and rocked her, spoke her name, etc., it was like she didn't even hear me over her screams. She thrashed around and yelled with her eyes still closed, making me think she's wasn't all awake. Why does this happen?

Methylene seems to have recovered enough from her bite wound in order to dash out of doors and get drenched in the icy rain. Dumb dumb cat, but I'm not going to chase her around the neighborhood insisting she come into the (semi-warm) house if she isn't interested. Let her get bit again. See if I care. She'll be meowing on the porch before bedtime, begging to wrap herself around the heater in the baby's room. For all her thick long coat that cat is a wimp when it comes to cold temperatures.

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