Thursday, January 10, 2008


I keep glancing at the clock. Superman usually has called me before now. I'm guessing their cell phone privileges were taken away. Could it have anything to do with today being the first day of PT?

Kate's 9-month check up was today and she is huge all around. How she has half my genetics I'll never know; she's in the 75th to 90th percentile in height, weight and head size. Can we say daddy's girl?!? One thing is for sure - I am quite ready for her to start walking. She weighs almost 22 pounds. I had forgotten how heavy she really is until the daycare lady mentioned it.

I don't think he's going to call.

It is nice having the house to just us girls. We do miss him of course but him not being around lets me do whatever I want whenever I want (hooray control!) and today that meant de-cluttering. The baby's room is looking great, as is the bathroom, bedroom and mudroom. Having an attic into which I can just shove things (out-grown baby clothes and toys) is fantastic. Once we fill that up I don't know what we'll do. Strangely enough it feels like I throw out about as much as I keep. I'm always looking for things to weed out of our cluttered life. Having a small house forces one to live simply. Either that or be overrun with junk.

Today I made flashcards to help Superman learn the 10 and 11 codes, along with some of the more popular penal codes and vehicle codes. There are a whole bunch of important sounding ones like 10-36 (confidential information), 11-80 (accident - major injury) and 245 PC (assault with a deadly weapon) and then you have Code 70 (may remove tie if wearing vest) and Code 80 (may remove tie). What!? Why on earth would wearing a tie or not be so important as to have it's own code!?

He called! They were in some sort of meeting and so cell phone time was extended. PT killed him, he says. Looks like I'll have to learn a little massage therapy. I need to join a gym with child care. He'll be all fit and stunning and less than 16% body fat and I'll be all floppy and weak and gaspy despite already being less than 16% body fat. I need a jogging stroller.


  1. 22 lbs?! Wow! How old is she again? Dolly was barely 17lbs at a year, and I know Kate isn't a year yet. How tall is she now?

  2. Wearing a tie appears to be the default, sadly.Someone should write a catchy song with all of the codes in it. Maybe a parody of the 12 days of Christmas, but that wouldn't be very creative or catchy.It's best when they're funny. I can just see him and all his buddies belting it out in chorus in the mess hall.