Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dude! I know him!

How often do you randomly run into people you know on the internet? Today marks the second time I've completely serendipitously found someone I know in real life online. Awesome!

First occurrence: Mr. Doug Brockmeier left a comment on Dave Barry's blog and signed it, not surprisingly, "Doug Brockmeier." (Although he could have signed it "Eurobiker McDog.") I came along later and happened to read the post and skim the comments when suddenly I was all, "HEY. I think I know that guy." I mean how many Doug Brockmeiers can there possibly be? So I emailed him and sure enough, it was him. And now we know each other much better than before I found him online. Before, I only knew 'of' him because our parents know each other whereas now I know that he is a Scrabble NUT and anagramming FOOL and also a pretty fun and funny guy.

Second occurrence: I've been experimenting with Google Reader to see if it better fits my needs (I need to read all your blogs in an efficient manner.) Google Reader has these nifty little categories (news, sports, technology, geeky, science, etc.) for which it has already picked 6 or 8 related feeds. I am sometimes a geek so I subscribed to the geeky category and began perusing the geeky feeds that came with it. One of them was MAKE Magazine and this was one of the posts on how to make your own secret book. One sentence of the article stood out in particular, "Nathan Luoto has an awesome tutorial. It uses magnets to keep the book closed!" Nathan Luoto! How many Nathan Luotos can there possibly be??? I went to high school with him! So I clicked through and sure enough. It's him! Nathan! It's totally fitting that I should find him in the geek feed, too. He knows every geek thing there is to know (at least he did in high school and I'm assuming his knowledge has only grown since then.)

So yeah. Cool. Maybe I'll find you next.


  1. Ha! :)I love the availability of information on the internet. It's great!

  2. You'll never find MEEEEEE!!! Mwahahahahaha-TAB