Sunday, December 9, 2007

DSL baby

Someone leave me a comment quick! I want to make sure they are emailed to the correct address. We canceled our Comcast service today, finally. We should have a long time ago because we paid way too much for way too little. Anyhow. I'm quite pleased with ATT DSL so far and I expect to be for quite some time.

Superman just called to inform me that the gym closes early on Saturday and so therefore (logically) he will pick up sushi and a movie for us. Hurry up and sleep, Kate. Yes, Superman has joined a gym and he's shedding pounds like crazy. Unfortunately I am unable to pick up the pounds and my weight is lower than ever. I was looking through some old pictures today, back in the good old days when I actually had arms and legs that were shaped like arms and legs instead of ELBOW and KNEE.

We got a lot done today except for the one thing that matters most - plug the hole in the roof. Actually it's not a hole, per se, more of a known leak. The roof jack for the bathroom vent isn't placed under the shingles properly. We discovered this two nights ago when I entered the bathroom to see a dark path of rainwater cruising down the unfinished drywall. It would have been worse if Superman said he didn't know why it was happening.

I sorted through my overloaded bookshelves and decided to part with a good third of my books. *sigh* I hate getting rid of books. Several were Superman's (on welding, roof cutting and the penal code) but all the others I've read at least once. I did uncover my Calvin and Hobbes stash, which is a good thing.

Lots of things will be changing for our family come January 7. I'm not sure how to blog about it yet.


  1. january 7th?? is it because i turn 21 that day?? hahahaare you coming to conference? hope you do. =)

  2. RYN@OD: Well, since we would probably be there more than a day if it ever happened, we could go out to eat with you, too! ';)

  3. Is she not the most delicatest pink-noseyest kitty ever?! Thanks for coming by! I'm working on pictures tomorrow...if I can figure it out. Me no likey the technology.