Friday, December 7, 2007


Why are all cloth diaper stores online? I have just about had it with reading reviews and product descriptions while trying to research two or three simple items. I just want to touch, feel and see the thing in person before I buy! It's too much hassle to have it shipped, decide I don't like it and ship it back. I know I'm too lazy to ship something back if I'm not thrilled with it. I just keep it and make it work. I hope that brick-and-mortar cloth diaper stores start making appearances soon.

I am also sick and tired of trying to keep all the many different brands and their nuances straight in my head. Some of the brand names are so ridiculous sounding, too. I'd like to expand my selection of fitted diapers because Kate's little booty isn't so little in the Blue-Dog's any more. I'm thinking of the Thirsties Fab Fitted (fun colors, I know they fit Kate well, a little more than I want to pay), Kissaluvs (homegrown in TX, more reasonable price) or Snug-to-Fit (best price, all cotton, ONE size). We can get by with what we have until she's potty trained but 6 or 12 more fitted diapers would be super cool. I'm also looking for some good-quality doublers that I can line a fitted diaper with for a nighttime diapering solution as I would really like to stop using disposables overnight.

Some of you are like, holy cow $10 for one diaper!?! Keep in mind what I just wrote though - we'll be good until she's potty trained. And I'll be able to use these on my next baby as well! So far I've spent three or four hundred dollars for our diaper collection (starting shortly after birth.) Some people estimate that disposable diapers would cost a couple thousand dollars from birth to potty training. I use cloth diapers partly for price and partly for the environment. It's certainly not for everyone but I enjoy it (yes! enjoy!) =)

Speaking of which. I absolutely love Charlie's Soap. I had no idea how many additives and brighteners and dyes and stuff were in even my Kirkland liquid laundry detergent (Consumer Reports recommended!) I originally got Charlie's Soap for use with my diapers but now I use it for all our laundry. CS rinses completely clean, no residue. I used to think, well yeah, shouldn't all detergents do that!?! But they most certainly do NOT. The diapers were coming through smelling stale and sour and without fabric softener our clothes wouldn't smell so lovely either. (Fabric softener on diapers is bad.) Eventually the residue build-up on the diapers will make them less absorbent, not to mention the icky smell.

Here's a size comparison:


Charlie's Soap is half the size with 32 more loads worth of detergent! It only takes 1/8th of a cup of liquid CS to clean a large load of laundry - it's that effective. My diapers and other laundry come through the wash smelling plain old CLEAN and no fabric softener is necessary any more. Yay! I love great products!


  1. I am going to check it out now. My Eczema is out of hand due to my tide usage---I love how clean every thing comes but the itching and scabs are not worth it, thank you!

  2. O.K. I succumbed. I ordered some Charlie's Soap - both powder and liquid. A little did indeed go a loooong way when cleaning at your place on Wednesday.

  3. I've heard great stuff about Charlie's. I've found a detergent here at a health store that doesn't leave residue, so we've been using that. It's amazing how no matter what detergent you use for laundry- they tell you to use WAY too much! I realized that if a couple tablespoons of detergent were getting DIAPERS clean, then why the heck have I been using so much more on our regular clothes? I'll email you later about some more diaper stuff...

  4. Thanks for your new post. I looked at the Charlie's Soap site and I think I'll order some laundry liquid too. Sounds like a great product. Free shipping, couldn't be better.Superman's Mom