Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Waiting for weight gain

I went to a chiropractor for the first time in 7 years today. I have NO idea why I waited so long; it felt so amazingly good. Superman and I are paying cash since this office doesn't accept our insurance and I think we get quite a good deal for our money. It costs about what I think our copay would be. AND, every session comes with a 20 minute massage from a massage therapist!  Sweet deal. I go back tomorrow and then a few times a week until they straighten out my spine. Apparently it curves left and right. They didn't mention scoliosis but my mom does have it so it could be genetic. Also, apparently they can't do anything for the floating rib issue. I suppose it was caused by pregnancy and I really hope it goes away because though it isn't painful, it's annoying to feel as though a rib is just rolling around unconnected to anything.

I'm always lying about my weight. Most women (I hear) lie about their weight to make it seem like they weigh less. I lie in the opposite direction. My drivers license weight is 10 pounds more than what I currently weigh. Today in the height and weight blanks for the first-time visit paperwork I filled out at the chiropractor's office I added five pounds to my actual weight and took an inch off my height. Because people would think I'm a freak if they knew the truth. After I lost all that weight while being so sick I was literally skin and bones. Reeeeaaaaally not healthy. Skinniness is in my genes to some extent but not this skinny. I just don't feel healthy.

I've been trying to gain weight and it just isn't working as quickly as I want it too. I'm sure the fact that I have a baby sucking calories right back off me doesn't help. I've tried to eat a lot. I've tried to stay full all day long. I've tried eating ice cream every day, sometimes more than once! (Totally don't mind that one.) Nothing has been working. When he was here to install my smoke detectors, Rufulo let me in on his secret to bulking up - drink a Slim Fast with your normal meal.

So today I'm wandering through WinCo wondering where to find the Slim Fast drinks. I couldn't find them in all the logical (I thought) places but I really didn't want to ask someone because, hello, look at me. I can only imagine what they would think. The poor emaciated girl obviously has issues because if she thinks she needs to drink a Slim Fast to lose weight there won't be anything left of her. How do I explain? I'm buying the Slim Fast because I'm trying to gain weight! Really, I am! I'm buying it for someone else? Any excuse would just make me sound even more anorexic. I found the Slim Fast section on my own, eventually, and got a selection of flavors. Then I remembered that Cliff bars have a ton of calories in them so I got a bunch of those too. My problem is that I feel full too quickly to pack in more calories via food quantity, so I've got to eat some really calorie dense foods. Any ideas?

Today my mother watched Kate for a few hours. Upon returning home she reported that Kate had been standing without holding onto anything, completely unassisted. Um, help? One of my cousins was running at nine months. Kate is 7.5 months.


  1. I recommend Target brand Slimfast because it's easy to find and cheaper, and I'm always at Target.

  2. Maybe you're just going to be thin forever because it's your body's natural shape. As long as you eat healthy food and enough of it, I don't think you should worry too much about it. Something about the thought of adding cream to everything just makes me think you'll end up with high cholesterol. "Healthy" takes all shapes and sizes.

  3. Actually, I have a really hard time gaining weight too. It drives some of my friends nuts that I can eat whatever I want and not gain a pound. One thing that helped, paradoxically, was lots of physical exercise (specifically for me, that was marathon training). Yeah I burned lots of calories, but I was also constantly hungry. So the eating all day every day was really what did it, and that only started once I convinced my body that it always needed more calories.

  4. Hey, Beck, you're in! I'm spending the morning trying to find the kitty a home, so excuse me while I scuttle away. --Jigger

  5. I have the same problem. I try and add nuts to everything - they have good fats in them. It'll help keep away the winter blahs too. I add almond milk to my smoothie. Raw almond butter on toast is yummy too! I munch on pistachios throughout the day. I eat MoJo bars that are the wimpy clif bar so they don't fill me up. I eat constantly throughout the day. I try and stay away from any non-natural protein sources (powders and such). Just keep eating healthy and your body will add the weight on. Have a balanced diet and your body will adjust itself over time. (also I eat french fries... which are so bad for you but are so yummy and over time you'll gain weight... it may not be healthy weight gain though...)

  6. Well this is not a problem I have, but my friend had this problem with her daughter. She made everything she fed her with full fat cream, full fat butter and so forth. Lots of peanut butter. Maybe you could put protien powder in a milkshake? I really like the Zone powder meal replacement. Make that with full fat milk as a beverage? Things you cook with tomato sauce taste really yummy when you add some cream. Sweetened condensed milk is probably the most calorific thing you could ever eat. Put some on your ice cream. I hope you don't have cholesterol problems!